Over the past several years I have discovered a lot of great documentaries on the Internet. The frustrating part was trying to find them again for friends. Thus I started Video Journal(s) where I'm trying to weave the videos/documentaries into comprehensive stories. This Video Journal is about corruption, crony capitalism and corporate/Wall Street GREED.

I don't think people understand what Wall Street's GREED has gotten us into. Sure we all know about the 700 billion dollar TARP bail-out, and the 18 trillion dollars national debt.  But, I don't think people are aware of all the trillions of dollars the FED (Federal Reserve) has loaned to the Wall Street Banks, which doesn't trickle down to main street, or the 700 trillion-to-1.2 quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble that the World's banks are sitting on (see the Financial Crisis News Magazine).

Friday September 23, 2016
News Articles

The Infuriating Reason Wells Fargo Got Away With Its Massive Scam For So Long
HP | Emily Peck | 09/22/16

How did Wells Fargo get away with ripping off its banking customers for so long? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the City of Los Angeles recently fined Wells Fargo $185 million for five years of misbehavior, but now congressional Republicans are asking why this didn't happen faster.

Their bewilderment, however, is in itself rather bewildering, if not downright disingenuous. Not only has the GOP consistently opposed the very existence of the CFPB, but Republicans have more recently registered strong opposition to specific new rules proposed by the agency that would have helped bring Wells Fargo's misconduct into the open sooner. Read more

Trump Tax Plan Turns the Donald into Trickle-Down King
ZeroHedge | author | 09/23/16

If George Bush Senior thought Reaganomics was "voodoo economics," he'd think the Trump tax plan was its kachina doll, and if GB Minor had been smoking weed while popping magic mushrooms when he made his eponymous tax cuts, the Bush Tax Cuts might have come out looking like the Wall-Street tax Fantasia that Trump's peeps have brewed up -- a plan that will make Donald Trump and the guests in his gold-plated penthouse much wealthier if enacted but will barely nudge the middle class. ... Read more

Your Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Are Killing the Climate: What Are the Alternatives?
AlterNet | Reynard Loki | 09/22/16

Global temperatures are on pace to make 2016 another record-breaking year. It is feeding into a classic deadly environmental cycle: The hotter it gets, the more people want to buy air conditioners. And the more we use A/C, the more we emit greenhouse gases that, in turn, increase global warming.

But the planet may get some help soon, if world leaders can come to an agreement on how to handle the greenhouse gas emissions of coolants found in air conditioners and refrigerators. The agreement they're currently working on is actually an attempt to close a loophole in a landmark, three-decade-old treaty that was originally meant to help the environment. ... Read more

"It May Be Over For The BOJ" - Wall Street Throws Up On Kuroda's "Disastrous" New Policy
ZeroHedge | author | 09/23/16

Two days day after the BOJ unveiled its "QQE with Yield Curve Control" (but no fries), the sellside has had time to digest the central bank's latest proposal and the assessment, unlike that of Dan Loeb, is anything but glowing. In fact, it's downright "deplorable."

We start with Goldman, which as we reported two days ago, admitted not only that what the BOJ is launching is tantamount to a "stealth taper", but more disturbingly, has no idea just how the central bank will effectively control the yield curve: Read more

Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Friday News - Domestic (09/23/16) [1hr]
Ongoing protests in North Carolina over the police shooting of a black man. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clash on national security policy after the New York bombing. And lawmakers sharply question Wells Fargo's CEO over scam accounts. A panel of journalists joins guest host Amy Walter for analysis of the week's top national news stories.
*DR | Friday News - International (09/23/16) [1hr]
Secretary of State Kerry accuses Russia of bombing an aid convoy in Syria. Hundreds are feared dead after a migrant boat capsizes off the Egyptian coast. And the U.S. allows Boeing to sell passenger planes to Iran. A panel of journalists joins guest host Amy Walter for analysis of the week's top international news stories.
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, September 23 [10:21]
*DN | Sen. Warren Calls for Wells Fargo CEO to Resign & Face Investigation Amid Growing Scandal (09/23/16) [13:20]
DN | Protests over Tulsa & Charlotte Police Killings Stem from Economic Policies That Perpetuate Racism (09/23/16) [17:46]
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert | Reacts to the State of Emergency in Charlotte (09/23/16) [4:49]
TRNN | Nick Buxton Discusses US National Security Policy for Climate Change Seeks Security for Corporate-Controlled Assets (09/23/16) [13:08]
*TYT | Trump Campaign Chair Resigns After Racist Comments (09/22/16) [12:59]

TYT | USA Columnist On Protesters: Run Them Down (09/22/16) [6:17]
TYT | Donald Trump's Budget Would EXPLODE The Deficit (09/22/16) [5:32]
TYT | Clintons Want Lower Corporate Tax Rates... And TPP (09/22/16) [9:31]
RT | CrossTalk: Conflicting narratives and competing agendas - this is the tragedy of the Syrian conflict. Western media coverage is focused on forcing political outcomes. (08/23/16) [24:46]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Who Has Benefited From So-Called "Free Trade?" (09/23/16) [9:20]
ThomHartmann | Why Hillary Clinton Is In Serious Danger Of Losing To Trump (09/23/16) [5:44]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

Thursday September 22, 2016
News Articles

N.C. Governor Declares State Of Emergency Amid Violent Protests
HP & Reuters | Greg Lacour | 09/21/16

Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, woke up to a state of emergency and the National Guard and State Highway Patrol deployed to their city on Thursday after a second night of unrest sparked by the fatal police shooting of a black man.

According to police, Keith Scott, 43, was shot and killed by officers on Tuesday after he refused to drop a handgun. His family and a witness to the shooting said Scott was holding a book, not a firearm.

A peaceful rally in response to the shooting turned violent on Wednesday as protesters threw rocks and bottles at police in riot gear, smashed windows and doors and looted stores in downtown Charlotte. Officers fired rubber bullets, tear gas, flash-bang grenades and used pepper spray to disperse the crowd. ... Read more

Donald Trump's Tax Cuts Would Cause Deficit To Explode, Report Says
HP | Jonathan Cohn | 09/22/16

REPORT: Trump's Agenda Would Add $5.3 Trillion To Federal Debt

Donald Trump's policies would make the federal deficit much bigger. Hillary Clinton's wouldn't. That's the most important takeaway of a new report, one that maybe should get a little attention this campaign season.

The report comes from Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan think tank that, as the name suggests, focuses heavily on whether the government has enough resources to meet its financial obligations.

Earlier this year, the committee published a thorough review of the Clinton and Trump agendas ? with a particular focus on how each would affect the deficit (the difference between what the government spends and takes in) and the debt (the total amount of money that the government owes). ... Read more

Trump Voters Reveal Their Wildest Clinton Conspiracy Theories to 'The Daily Show'
AlterNet | Sophia Tesfaye / Salon | 09/21/16

Jordan Klepper of "The Daily Show" has done yeoman's work surveying Donald Trump supporters this election season, and his latest dispatch may provide the most hilarious (or depressing) insight into the base of the modern-day Republican Party yet.

Klepper attended a rally for the Republican presidential nominee to ask some of his most ardent supporters about their crazy conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton's health. ... Read more
Trump Voters Reveal Their Wildest Clinton Conspiracy Theories to 'The Daily Show' (09/22/16) [5:07]

In Dramatic Twist, Wells Fargo Said To Retaliate, Fire Whistleblowers Who Exposed Bank's Illegal Practices
ZeroHedge | author | 09/22/16

While the recent congressional hearing targeting John Stumpf, in which Elizabeth Warren suggested he should resign and be criminally charged, was nothing more than a "kangaroo court" meant to refocus public anger on banks, with good reason, the reason why we concluded that nothing would actually change is that ultimately there was no evidence the bank's executive management was aware of the bank's illegal, fraudulent tactics involving the creation of some 2 million fake customer accounts to "sandbag" retail banking fees. That assumption, however, may need revision now that CNN reports that it has heard from former Wells Fargo workers - some of whom were named - around the country, who tried to put a stop to the bank's illegal tactics only to be met with harsh, prompt and severe retaliation by the bank.

"Almost half a dozen workers who spoke with us say they paid dearly for trying to do the right thing: they were fired" ... Read more

Just Plain Pathetic
ZeroHedge | author | 09/22/16

We are speaking, of course, of the Fed's decision to punt yet again, and for a reason that is not mysterious at all. To wit, our financial rulers are petrified of a stock market hissy fit, and will go to any length of dissimulation and double-talk to avoid triggering a crash of the very bubbles their policies have inflated. ... Read more

Aljazeera | Inside Story - Rise of the 'superbugs': Is resistance futile? (09/22/16) [24:50]
Hanjin shipping company goes under (09/22/16) [1:58]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, September 22 [7:38]
DN | State of Emergency: Charlotte NAACP & Protesters Demand Police Release Video of Keith Scott Shooting (09/22/16) [17:03]
DN | Rashad Robinson: Let's Implement Stop-and-Frisk on White Billionaires Like Trump (09/22/16) [4:33]
TRNN | Bill Black: SEC Accusations Against US Billionaire Highlights Centrality of Insider Trading to Hedge Fund Profits (09/22/16) [10:49]
TRNN | Heidi Chow discusses: Dangers of the Proposed Bayer-Monsanto Merger (09/22/16) [10:49]
TYT | Wells Fargo: Banker Fired For Doing The Right Thing (09/20/16) [6:07]
TYT | Staggering Number Of Jail Deaths Occur Within 3 Days Of Arrest (09/21/16) [5:44]
TYT | Protests And Riots In Charlotte After Police Kill Black Man (09/21/16) [11:01]
RT | Keiser Report: Hippies vs Hipsters (E970) (09/22/16) [25:47]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | How To Take On the Banksters (09/22/16) [6:31]
Note: sometimes I have to post my News Page before all the links are available. This happens most noteably for the Diane Rehm Show. If the pop-up links don't work, just go to The Diane Show website and click the links there.
*DR | Debate Over How Police Departments Are Addressing Deadly Force (09/22/16) [1hr]
The governor has declared a state of emergency in North Carolina, after police and residents clashed and another person was shot in a second night of protests over the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Smith in Charlotte. His death came days after another black man, Terence Crutcher, was shot and killed by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were the latest in a deadly string of encounters between citizens and police across the country this summer. In 2016, at least 702 people have been shot by police, according to a database by the Washington Post -- 163 of them were African-American men. Two years after Ferguson, some say we need a reset on policing in America. Guest Host Amy Walter and a panel discuss what departments are doing -- and whether it's working.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

Trump vs Hillary
Note: I don't control a lot of the YouTube videos so I have to take them as the original owner provides them. Thus some videos have a lot of interruptions... please click the Skip button when you see it. If there are some inappropriate ads please accept my apologies. I have tried to scan most of the videos I post.

Full Speeches to compare candidates
  1. Donald Trump Rally in Wilmington, Ohio at Roberts Centre (full) (09/01/16) [31:02]
  2. Donald Trump Speech at The American Legion convention in Cincinnati, Ohio (full) (09/01/16) [19:41]
  3. Donald Trump Immigration Speech in Phoenix, AZ (full) (08/31/16) [1:15:53]
  4. Donald Trump Rally in Everett, Washington (full) (08/30/16) [1:21:57]
  5. Donald Trump Speech at 'Roast and Ride' Event in Des Moines, Iowa (full) (08/27/16) [55:27]
  6. Donald Trump Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire (full) (08/25/16) [58:56]
  7. Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, Mississippi (full) (08/24/16) [48:53]
  8. Donald Trump Rally in Tampa, Florida (full) (08/24/16) [1:00:40]
  9. Donald Trump Rally in Austin, Texas (full) (08/23/16) [2:05:35]
  10. Donald Trump Rally in Akron, Ohio (full) (08/22/16) [48:58]
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  1. Hillary Clinton Speech at The American Legion convention in Cincinnati, OH (full) (08/31/16) [41:22]
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  3. Hillary Clinton Rally in Cleveland, Ohio (08/17/16) [32:00]
  4. Hillary Clinton Rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (08/16/16) [1:06:53]
  5. Hillary Clinton Rally With Vice President Joe Biden in Scranton, Pennsylvania (08/15/16) [1:02:34]
  6. Hillary Clinton Full Economic Plan Speech in Warren, Michigan Rally (08/11/16) [48:54]
  7. Hillary Clinton Speech On Economy in Des Moines, Iowa (08/10/16) [18:43]
  8. Hillary Clinton Speech in Rally in Kissimmee, Florida (08/08/16) [28:39]
  9. Hillary Clinton Rally in St. Petersburg, Florida (08/08/16) [28:01]
  10. Hillary Clinton Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada (08/04/16) [36:18]
  11. Hillary Clinton Rally in Commerce City, Colorado (08/03/16) [26:03]

Full Speeches to compare candidates
  1. Bernie Sanders 'Our Revolution' Speech (full) (08/24/16) [1:05:35]
  2. Bernie Sanders Addresses Delegates at Democratic National Convention (full) (07/25/16) [23:56]
  3. Bernie Sanders Speech At LULAC National Convention in Washington, DC (full) (07/13/16) [26:12]
  4. Bernie Sanders Responds To Supporters Who Feel Betrayed By Hillary Endorsement (full) (07/13/16) [12:15]
  5. Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton at New Hampshire Rally (full) (07/12/16) [1:01:56]
  6. Bernie Sanders Rally in New York City, “Where We Go From Here” Speech (full) (07/23/16) [14:59]
  7. Bernie Sanders Video Message To Supporters, The political revolution continues (full) (07/16/16) [14:50]
  8. Bernie Sanders Holds Press Conference in Washington D.C. on Gun Legislation (full) (06/14/16) [15:17]
  9. Bernie Sanders Full Interview With Meet the Press (full) (07/13/16) [13:50]
  10. Bernie Sanders FANTASTIC Rally in Washington, DC. (full) (06/09/16) [1:25:53]
Full Speeches to compare candidates
  1. Jill Stein Full Interview With Greta Van Susteren On The Record (full) (08/23/16) [5:43]
  2. Jill Stein This Week ABC Interview (full) (08/21/16) [18:54]
  3. Jill Stein On-Point Radio Interview (NPR & Facebook) (full) (08/21/16) [49:12]
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National Debt - TILLIONS
*Demonocracyinfo | US Debt in Physical $100 bills [2:10]

National Debt
US Debt Stacked in $100 bills
United States owes a lot of money, with its debt equal to the size of the economy as of 2012. See the Statue of Liberty & WTC being dwarfed by the debt.


Now... Who Own the Derivative Time Bomb?

Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure; Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On An FX Derivative Time Bomb?
Zero Hedge | Author | 09/24/11

The latest quarterly report from the Office Of the Currency Comptroller is out and as usual it presents in a crisp, clear and very much glaring format the fact that the top 4 banks in the US now account for a massively disproportionate amount of the derivative risk in the financial system. Specifically, of the $250 trillion in gross notional amount of derivative contracts outstanding (consisting of Interest Rate, FX, Equity Contracts, Commodity and CDS) among the Top 25 commercial banks (a number that swells to $333 trillion when looking at the Top 25 Bank Holding Companies), a mere 5 banks (and really 4) account for 95.9% of all derivative exposure (HSBC replaced Wells as the Top 5th bank, which at $3.9 trillion in derivative exposure is a distant place from #4 Goldman with $47.7 trillion). The top 4 banks: JPM with $78.1 trillion in exposure, Citi with $56 trillion, Bank of America with $53 trillion and Goldman with $48 trillion, account for 94.4% of total exposure. As historically has been the case, the bulk of consolidated exposure is in Interest Rate swaps ($204.6 trillion), followed by FX ($26.5TR), CDS ($15.2 trillion), and Equity and Commodity with $1.6 and $1.4 trillion, respectively. Read more


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