Over the past several years I have discovered a lot of great documentaries on the Internet. The frustrating part was trying to find them again for friends. Thus I started Video Journal(s) where I'm trying to weave the videos/documentaries into comprehensive stories. This Video Journal is about corruption, crony capitalism and corporate/Wall Street GREED.

I don't think people understand what Wall Street's GREED has gotten us into. Sure we all know about the 700 billion dollar TARP bail-out, and the 18 trillion dollars national debt.  But, I don't think people are aware of all the trillions of dollars the FED (Federal Reserve) has loaned to the Wall Street Banks, which doesn't trickle down to main street, or the 700 trillion-to-1.2 quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble that the World's banks are sitting on (see the Financial Crisis News Magazine).

Friday May 27, 2016
News Articles

Why Bernie Sanders Still Can -- and Should -- Win the Nomination
HP | Rose Ann DeMoro | 05/26/16

A troika of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and their echo chamber in the major media are laboring to assure everyone that the Democratic nomination process is over.

They've failed to convince the people who actually vote and see Bernie Sanders wins in Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, and a virtual tie in Kentucky. Here's 10 reasons why Bernie can still win, is the strongest candidate for November, and is helping build something the nation desperately needs.

  1. Sanders, the best bet to beat Trump - just wait until the debate.
  2. Yes, you can believe these polls.
  3. Yes, you can believe those polls, part 2
  4. Lots of votes still to be counted
  5. Momentum matters
  6. Super delegates will decide the nomination
  7. The most trusted candidate
  8. A public yearning for real change
  9. Who will really unite the Democratic Party?
  10. It's about the future
Read more

Killing the Colorado
ProPublica | Abraham Lustgarden | older, but interesting 06/16/15

A COUPLE OF MILES outside the town of Page, three 775-foot-tall caramel-colored smokestacks tower like sentries on the edge of northern Arizona's sprawling red sandstone wilderness. At their base, the Navajo Generating Station, the West's largest power-generating facility, thrums ceaselessly, like a beating heart.

Football-field-length conveyors constantly feed it piles of coal, hauled 78 miles by train from where huge shovels and mining equipment scraped it out of the ground shortly before. Then, like a medieval mortar and pestle machine, wheels crush the stone against a large bowl into a smooth powder that is sprayed into tremendous furnaces -- some of the largest ever built. Those furnaces are stoked to 2,000 degrees, heating tubes of steam to produce enough pressure to drive an 80-ton rod of steel to spin faster than the speed of sound, converting the heat of the fires into electricity.

The power generated enables a modern wonder. It drives a set of pumps 325 miles down the Colorado River that heave trillions of gallons of water out of the river and send it shooting over mountains and through canals. That water -- lifted 3,000 vertical feet and carried 336 miles -- has enabled the cities of Phoenix and Tucson to rapidly expand.

This achievement in moving water, however, is gained at an enormous cost. Every hour the Navajo's generators spin, the plant spews more climate-warming gases into the atmosphere than almost any other facility in the United States. Alone, it accounts for 29 percent of Arizona's emissions from energy generation. The Navajo station's infernos gobble 15 tons of coal each minute, 24 hours each day, every day. ... Read more

Trump's Decision To Debate Sanders In California Is His Most Genius Move Yet
ZeroHedge | author | 05/27/16

If the Trump/Sanders debate proceeds as planned in California, you're about to witness one of the most important moments of a 2016 general election that hasn't even begun yet. To say such a debate would be an unmitigated disaster for Hillary Clinton would be the understatement of the century. Let's explore why. ... Read more

Hedge Fund Billionaire Slams Democracy, Says The "Tyranny Of The Majority Is An Unhealthy Development"
ZeroHedge | author | 05/27/16

In his latest letter to investors, OakTree Capital's Howard Marks goes political (slamming Trump's tariffs and Bernie's minimum wage machinations), shedding some blinding light on the economic reality of America, the dismal failure (and increasing impotence) of central bankers, and the ongoing "tryanny of the majority" warning that if everyone wants to tax-the-rich, soon there will be no rich to tax. As he concludes, short-term fixes simply cannot create wealth out of thin air (see Venezuela), as Churchill once said "for a nation to try to tax [or stimulate or devalue] itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle." ... Read more

15 Grill Recipes That Will Take You Straight To Meat Heaven
BuzzFeed | author | 04/28/16

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Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, May 27 [11:19]
*DN | Bill McKibben on Exxon, the Power of Divestment, and Being Targeted by Shadowy Right-Wing Group, Part 1 (05/28/16) [7:15], Part 2 [3:46] *TRNN | Investigative journalist and author of Blackwater, Dirty Wars, and The Assassination Complex Jeremy Scahill talks about the secrets he's learned about our government's assassination programs, and domestic militarization. (05/27/15) [26:09]
TYT | Trump Rules Out Women And Minority Running Mates (05/26/16) [6:22]
TYT | Bernie Vs. Trump Debate May Actually Happen (05/26/16) [8:12]
RT | Keiser Report: Pensions Going Bankrupt (E919) (05/26/16) [25:46]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
*DR | Friday News - Domestic (05/27/16) [1hr]
Donald Trump now has enough delegates to clinch the Republican nomination, according to the Associated Press. A State Department review criticizes Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. And 11 states sue the federal government over a transgender bathroom directive. A panel of journalists joins guest host Sabri Ben-Achour for analysis of the week's top national news stories
*DR | Friday News - International (05/27/16) [1hr]
President Barack Obama makes a historic visit to Hiroshima. The Taliban choose a new leader after a U.S. drone strike kills Mullah Mansour. And a far right candidate in Austria narrowly loses the presidential election. A panel of journalists joins guest host Sabri Ben-Achour for analysis of the week's top international news stories.
Aljazeera | UpFront: Hiroshima: Was the atomic bomb necessary? (05/27/16) [2:33]
Aljazeera | Inside Story - France's paralysing strikes (05/26/16) [24:50]
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/

Thursday May 26, 2016
News Articles

The U.S. Military Budget Is the Work of True Scam Artists
AlterNet | William Hartung / Tom Dispatch | 05/25/16

The United States is on track to spend more than $600 billion on the military this year--more, that is, than was spent at the height of President Ronald Reagan's Cold War military buildup, and more than the military budgets of at least the next seven nations in the world combined. And keep in mind that that's just a partial total. As an analysis by the Straus Military Reform Project has shown, if we count related activities like homeland security, veterans' affairs, nuclear warhead production at the Department of Energy, military aid to other countries, and interest on the military-related national debt, that figure reaches a cool $1 trillion. ... Read more

**Daily Ticker | Find the $8.5 Trillion the Pentagon Can't Account For (2014) [5:32]

Clinton's inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules
WashingtonPost | author | 05/25/16

HILLARY CLINTON'S use of a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 has been justifiably criticized as an error of judgment. What the new report from the State Department inspector general makes clear is that it also was not a casual oversight. Ms. Clinton had plenty of warnings to use official government communications methods, so as to make sure that her records were properly preserved and to minimize cybersecurity risks. She ignored them.

The 83-page report declares that "beginning in late 2005 and continuing through 2011," the department revised its Foreign Affairs Manual and "issued various memoranda specifically discussing the obligation to use Department systems in most circumstances and identifying the risks of not doing so." Ms. Clinton didn't. ... Read more

"We Will Fight This All The Way To The Supreme Court" - 11 States Sue Obama Over Transgender Bathrooms
ZeroHedge | author | 05/26/16

Don't we have more pressing problems than this?? ... Read more

"The System Itself Is At Risk" Bill Gross Warns, Shorts Credit As "Day Of Reckoning Is Coming"
ZeroHedge | author | 05/26/16

Bill Gross, who manages the $1.3 billion Janus Global Unconstrained Bond Fund, said he is moving to sell credit risk and insurance on market volatility rather than buying long-term debt, because he believes a day of reckoning will come when central banks will no longer be able to prop up asset prices and investors will withdraw from markets. ... Read more

The Anger Of The Unprivileged Is Rising Globally
ZeroHedge | author | 05/26/16

Interestingly, privilege serves the same purpose--benefiting the few at the expense of the many--regardless of the system's ideological labels. Socialist, Communist and free-market elites loot their populaces and national wealth with equal gusto. Those who came to do good and stayed to do well first accumulate privileges, which they then leverage into wealth and power. ... Read more

PoliticKING with Larry King | Ralph Nader on 2016 Race: U.S. Has Reached New Low (05/18/16) [25:00]
massive, out-of-control fire has been raging in boreal forest lands in Alberta, Canada
BBC | Firefighters battling a massive blaze in Canada's energy heartland were aided on Friday by a second day of light rain and winds that held flames back from oil sands facilities (05/20/16) [1:25]
The massive wildfires in Canada's oil-rich Alberta Province have resulted in a $760 million loss in oil sand production, according to a report by the economic think tank the Conference Board of Canada. The report estimates the fire cut Canadian oil output by over one million barrels per day which represents about a quarter of Canadian output
Destruction of FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta Canada after wildfire (05/19/16) [5:56]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, May 26 [12:14]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, May 25 [9:03]
TRNN | Media Professor Joao Feres Jr. says: Tapes Reveal Coup Plot (in Brazil) Against Rousseff, Weakening Temer Government (05/26/15) [8:33]
TRNN | Dimitri Lascaris discusses: IMF-Eurozone Deal Hailed as a Breakthrough, But No Relief for Greeks (05/26/15) [11:58]
TYT | Inspector General Issues Scathing Report On Hillary's Emails (05/25/16) [10:31]
TYT | Donald Trump Officially Invited To The Young Turks Debate (05/25/16) [5:06]
TYT | Where Cat Photos Are FORBIDDEN (05/25/16) [4:29]
RT | GoPro: Migrant boat capsizes in Med, 500 Libyans fight for lives amid Italian navy rescue (05/21/16) [1:55]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Has the Fossil Fuel Industry Taken Us Off the Cliff? (05/26/16) [5:19]
*DR | Congress Moves To Overhaul A 40-Year-Old Law That Regulates Toxic Chemicals (05/26/16) [1hr]
In 1976, the Toxic Substances Control Act, which sought to regulate the safety of many chemicals in use, was signed into law. Now, Congress appears ready to give it a complete overhaul. The reason for the unusual display of bi-partisanship is a growing acknowledgement from a variety of interest groups that the law does not give the federal government enough authority to examine the safety of chemicals in use or to keep unsafe ones from coming on the market. After years of efforts to reform the law, this week the House passed a bill by big margins. The Senate is expected to follow. Guest host Sabri Ben-Achour and a panel of experts discuss overseeing the safety of chemicals.
*DR | Environmental Outlook: Wildfires, Climate Change And Boreal Forests (05/26/16) [1hr]
Since the beginning of May, a massive, out-of-control fire has been raging in boreal forest lands in Alberta, Canada. The fire forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 residents of Fort McMurray and halted oil sands production. Scientists say climate change has contributed to the growing number and severity of wildfires in the world's boreal forests. Hot, dry weather has lengthened fire seasons and created ideal conditions for wildfires. The fires in turn increase emissions of greenhouse gases. For this month's Environmental Outlook, we talk about wildfires, climate change and threats to North America's forests.
NPR (National Public Radio) - www.npr.org/
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) - pbs.org/
MSNBC - Maddow/Hayes - www.msnbc.com/
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across

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National Debt - TILLIONS
*Demonocracyinfo | US Debt in Physical $100 bills [2:10]

National Debt
US Debt Stacked in $100 bills
United States owes a lot of money, with its debt equal to the size of the economy as of 2012. See the Statue of Liberty & WTC being dwarfed by the debt.


Now... Who Own the Derivative Time Bomb?

Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure; Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On An FX Derivative Time Bomb?
Zero Hedge | Author | 09/24/11

The latest quarterly report from the Office Of the Currency Comptroller is out and as usual it presents in a crisp, clear and very much glaring format the fact that the top 4 banks in the US now account for a massively disproportionate amount of the derivative risk in the financial system. Specifically, of the $250 trillion in gross notional amount of derivative contracts outstanding (consisting of Interest Rate, FX, Equity Contracts, Commodity and CDS) among the Top 25 commercial banks (a number that swells to $333 trillion when looking at the Top 25 Bank Holding Companies), a mere 5 banks (and really 4) account for 95.9% of all derivative exposure (HSBC replaced Wells as the Top 5th bank, which at $3.9 trillion in derivative exposure is a distant place from #4 Goldman with $47.7 trillion). The top 4 banks: JPM with $78.1 trillion in exposure, Citi with $56 trillion, Bank of America with $53 trillion and Goldman with $48 trillion, account for 94.4% of total exposure. As historically has been the case, the bulk of consolidated exposure is in Interest Rate swaps ($204.6 trillion), followed by FX ($26.5TR), CDS ($15.2 trillion), and Equity and Commodity with $1.6 and $1.4 trillion, respectively. Read more


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