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Friday October 31, 2014
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In Big-Money Move, Corporations Seek to Make Congress a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary
HP | Richard (RJ) Eskow | 10/30/14

s Election Day approaches, two reports show us exactly how corrupted our political system has become. Unless voters come out in force, it looks like corporate money is about to buy itself another house of Congress. The Wall Street Journal analyzed filings from the Federal Election Commission and concluded that

In a significant shift, business groups gave more money to Republican candidates than to Democrats in seven of the most competitive Senate races in recent months, in some cases taking the unusual step of betting against sitting senators. ... Read more

Banzainomics: What The BOJ's Shocking Announcement Really Means
ZeroHedge | author | 10/31/14

Bank of Japan Reaction Context: Nikkei 225 Is Up 1000 Points In 7 Hours

You know the world's financial markets have become farce when the broad Nikkei 225 stock market of Japan rises 1000 points in 7 hours... The meme that stock 'markets' move on fundamentals not central bank (FED) liquidity is officially dead.

Still confused what the BOJ's shocking move was about, aside from pushing the US stock market to a new record high of course? This should explains it all: as the chart below show, as a result of the BOJ's stated intention to buy 8 trillion to 12 trillion yen ($108 billion) of Japanese government bonds per month it means the BOJ will now soak up all of the 10 trillion yen in new bonds that the Ministry of Finance sells in the market each month. In other words. The Bank of Japan's expansion of record stimulus today may see it buy every new bond the government issues. In other words: full monetization.
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Why the GOP Is Going to Be in Deep Trouble If Their Crazy Tea Party Candidates Get into the Senate
AlterNet | Elias Esquith | 10/30/14

As pundits and wonks have been telling us since basically the day after President Obama was reelected -- and as Nate Silver and others' forecast oracles still insist -- we're probably going to wake up on Jan. 3 of next year with a brand-new, Republican-controlled U.S. Senate.

But while a lot of ink has been spilled in anticipation of how a GOP Congress will clash with Senate Democrats and President Obama, less attention is being paid to what might happen within the Republican Party once the post-victory honeymoon is over. Will a newly unified Congress be the first step toward a final end to the GOP's civil war? Or will GOP leadership soon find that winning in 2014 was the easy part? ... Read more

How the Christian Right Is Using Hobby Lobby and "Duck Dynasty" to Take Back America
MotherJones | Mariah Blake | 10/31/14

Pundits may be declaring the culture wars over, but conservative Christians are donning their battle gear and rushing back to the front lines. In recent months, a coalition of conservative evangelical organizations has been pursuing an aggressive voter mobilization campaign that involves a combination of high-tech tools, briefings for pastors, and rallies simulcast to mega-churches around the country.

The goal of these gatherings is to drum up outrage over recent political skirmishes, including the Hobby Lobby lawsuit, and to persuade believers that their religious freedoms are under attack by ungodly forces. During one recent event, which was shown in churches across the nation, speakers likened the situation of US churchgoers to Christians beheaded by ISIS in Syria. "We see the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, truth and lies," said David Benham, whose planned HGTV reality show was canceled after his fiercely anti-gay remarks came to light. "What's happening with swords over in the Middle East is happening with silence over here in America." ... Read more

Ignore the John Birch Society logo, I don't agree with most of their ideas. But, the information Gary Allen, an investigative journalist, organized in his book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" and presented in this lecture is really an eye-opener.
*None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen (1972) [1:03:51]
In this book, Congressmen Schmitz says in the Introduction, "The story you are about to read is true." Allen goes on to assert that the present political and economic systems in most developed nations are the result of a sweeping conspiracy by the Establishment's power elite, which started in the early 1900s. According to this theory, this has been a four (or six)-step process:

  1. Establish a central bank, deceptively named so that people will think it is part of the government;
  2. Establish an income tax system as a means of extorting money from the common man;
  3. Have the central bank (FED) be the holder of the national debt;
  4. Create tax free foundations;
  5. Eliminate (or reduce) the inheritance tax;
  6. Run the national debt, and the interest thereon, sky high through wars (or any sort of deficit spending), starting with World War I.
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, October 31 [12:41]
*DN | The Nazis Next Door: Eric Lichtblau on how the CIA & FBI Secretly Sheltered Nazi War Criminals (10/31/14) [11:12]
DN | Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins Calls for a "Green New Deal for New York" (10/31/14) [12:25]
DN | How to Buy a City: Chevron Spends $3 Million on Local California Election to Oust Refinery Critics (10/31/14) [8:36]
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | Democalypse 2014 - South by South Mess: Texas. (10/30/14) [9:15] TRNN | Professor Ivan Katchanovski: Oligarchs Consolidate Power in Ukraine after Parliamentary Elections, Part 2 (10/31/14) [9:30]
*TRNN | Costas Lapavitsas speaks: The Financialization of Life, Part 5 (10/28/14) [16:59]
TRNN | Costas Lapavitsas speaks: The Financialization of Life, Part 6 (10/31/14) [10:19]
TYT | Don't Read This Tech News Site If You Want Net Neutrality News (10/30/14) [6:06]
TYT | Netanyahu Called 'Chickenshit' & Now Everyone's Crying Foul (10/30/14) [7:32]
*TYT | Just Before Election Conservatives Become HUGE Liberals - Why? (10/30/14) [8:46]
*TYT | GOP Loves Putin, So Why Did Boehner Say Bush Would Punch Him? (10/30/14) [8:15]
TYT | Fox News Evil Doctor Calls For 'American Jihad' To Defeat Unbelievers (10/30/14) [15:00]
TYT | Millennials Poised To Vote Against Their Own Self-Interest | The System Works! (10/30/14) [7:30]
TYT | Apple CEO Tim Cook Comes Out As Gay - Big Deal? (10/30/14) [3:46]
TYT | Nurse Defies Ebola Quarantine Goes For Bike Ride In Maine (10/30/14) [5:15]

10.31.2014. 11:23

Thursday October 30, 2014
News Articles
Voting | Politics
Like most of my projects I seem to run out of time before I can get them completely done. I was hoping to have a list of websites for you to go to so you could evaluate your politicians before you go to the polls next week. I only got to my politicians and then ran out of steam (see my research below). I will try to work on this over the weekend and post my results on Monday.

Current Michigan Elected Representatives
Current Michigan Elected Representatives
My Elected Officials, based on my districts
My Elected Officials, based on my districts
Sample Ballot for my district Charelvoix, Michigan
Sample Ballot for my district Charelvoix, Michigan
Click to zoom - for bigger image
This Map Depicts The Staggering Highs And Lows Of The U.S. Economy Since 1999
open your Browser window to a large size. Click on the map below. Use the slider to show the annual job growth and job loss in every metro area in the country between 1999 and 2014.
Highs And Lows Of The U.S. Economy Since 1999
I used to have a climbing harness that looked just like this:
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, October 30 [10:43]
DN | Showdown over Ebola: Will Quarantines of Healthcare Workers Harm the Fight Against Epidemic? (10/30/14) [20:59]
*DN | "The Red Cross' Secret Disaster": Charity Prioritized PR over People After Superstorm Sandy (10/30/14) [18:30]
*DN | Is Your Judge for Sale? Dark Money Groups Pour Millions into Judicial Races to Reshape Courts (10/30/14) [4:33]
Text for Ebola Showdown
A debate is intensifying in the United States over quarantining healthcare workers who return from West Africa but do not show signs of Ebola. On Wednesday, Maine's governor said that he would seek legal authority to enforce a 21-day home quarantine on Kaci Hickox, a nurse who has tested negative for Ebola after treating patients in Sierra Leone. Hickox made national headlines when she publicly criticized New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for quarantining her in a tent outside the hospital. Hickox said she would challenge Maine's restrictions just as she did in New Jersey. "I completely understand that the state's purpose is to protect the state of Maine," Hickox said last night. "I have worked in public health for many years, and that has always been my purpose, as well, but we have to make decisions on science, and I am completely healthy." To discuss the debate, we speak to Lawrence Gostin, professor and faculty director at the O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University. He is also the director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on Public Health Law.
TRNN | Hedges & Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?, Part 5 (10/30/14) [23:33]
TRNN | Oligarchs Consolidate Power in Ukraine After Parliamentary Elections , Part 1 (10/30/14) [13:04]
John Oliver
HBO | John Oliver: Ayn Rand - How Is This Still A Thing? () [3:41]
Don't let the John Birch Society logo put you off, I actually don't agree with most of their platform, but the information , the conservative journalist, Gary Allen organized in his book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy", and presented in this lecture, is amazingly.
*None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen (1972) [1:03:51]
In this book, Congressmen Schmitz says in the Introduction, "The story you are about to read is true." Allen goes on to assert that the present political and economic systems in most developed nations are the result of a sweeping conspiracy by the Establishment's power elite, which started in the early 1900s. According to this theory, this has been a four-step process:

  1. Establish a central bank, deceptively named so that people will think it is part of the government;
  2. Establish an income tax system as a means of extorting money from the common man;
  3. Have the central bank (FED) be the holder of the national debt;
  4. Run the national debt, and the interest thereon, sky high through wars (or any sort of deficit spending), starting with World War I.
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across

10.30.2014. 15:03

Wednesday October 29, 2014
News Articles
The article below is real, but I find it very disappointing. Yet again mega corporations obliterate the facts.

Co-Founder of The Weather Channel: Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax
mediaite.com | Josh Feldman | 10/27/14

John Coleman, meteorologist and co-founder of The Weather Channel, told Megyn Kelly tonight that he doesn't believe global warming is real and laughed out loud at anyone who buys into what Al Gore is selling.

Coleman recently wrote an open letter arguing, "There is no significant man-made global warming at this time, there has been none in the past and there is no reason to fear any in the future." He told Kelly it's tough to get a media platform these days when you're a climate skeptic "ever since Al Gore made it a plank of the Democratic Party." ... Read more
TYT | Weather Channel Founder On Climate Change (10/28/14) [9:42]

The Weather Channel Companies, owners of television's Weather Channel and weather.com, would buy one of its rivals, Weather Underground. (07/03/12) (NYTimes)
Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester de Rothschild said they are buying a majority (70%) stake in weather-data service Weather Central L.P., marking a significant expansion of the Rothschilds' investments into media and information. (01/31/11) (WSJ)
The Weather Channel was purchased more than two years ago in a $3.5 billion deal led by NBC Universal and private-equity firms Blackstone Group and Bain Capital.

What Happens If You Have No Welfare and No Job?
Atlantic | Olga Khazan | older, 06/13/14

A few weeks ago I wrote about how the welfare reform of the 1990s led to many poor mothers being kicked off welfare rolls. While some poor adults could still receive help from food stamps and disability insurance, the "Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act" dramatically cut how much cash aid they could collect. The hope was that they would find work, but many didn't.

Meanwhile, spending on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, the only cash assistance program that non-disabled, non-elderly, poor single mothers are eligible for, has dropped precipitously: It was lower in 2007 than it had been in 1970.

... The Urban Institute recently released a fascinating new qualitative study that aims to answer that very question. Relying on 90-minute interviews with 29 unmarried women in Los Angeles and 22 in southeast Michigan, the nonprofit examined the lives of these so-called "disconnected" women--meaning they get neither income from work nor TANF money. (About one in eight low-income single mothers was disconnected in 1996, when welfare reform was first implemented, but about one in five was disconnected in 2008.) ... Read more

China "Ghost Town Index" - Here Are China's 10 "Ghastliest" Cities
ZeroHedge | author | 10/28/14

Who can forget China's ghost city of Ordos: back in late 2009, when the hollow shell behind China's torrid growth was first revealed to the world, the city near China's Mongolia border was cooler talk for weeks. Fast forward five years later, and Ordos is all but forgotten, having been eclipsed by a veritable army of much bigger "ghosts" that make up the "ghost town network" - a list of cities created by the China Investment Network, a business newspaper in Beijing, to determine which cities were the most ghostly. ... Read more
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Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, October 29 [12:57]
DN | Will Mike Brown's Killer Avoid Charges in Ferguson? Cops Stockpile Riot Gear Amid "Troubling" Leaks (10/29/14) [13:49]
*DN | Is Filming a Police Officer a "Domestic Threat"? Austin Activist on Trial for Videotaping an Arrest (10/29/14) [9:45]
*TRNN | Welfare's Stigma in White Working-Class America (10/29/14) [10:38]
Click to zoom - for bigger image
*TRNN | Public health expert Allyson Pollock explains how poverty, sanitation and infrastructure contribute to ebola's death toll in West Africa (10/29/14) [10:55]
*TRNN | Journalist Max Blumenthal discusses the situation in Jerusalem and the reconstruction plans for Gaza (10/29/14) [12:33]
TYT | Weather Channel Founder On Climate Change (10/28/14) [9:42]
TYT | Global Warming Is Our Eugenics Says Hot Air Expert (10/28/14) [8:41]
TYT | Scott Walker Hides His Equal Pay Record Behind This Lying Smile (10/28/14) [8:26]
China's Ghost Cities
China's Unbelievable Ghost City on the Coast! (06/19/14) [6:48]
Nanhui, formally known as Lingang New City and Luchao Harbor City, is a massive new city that's being built 60 km from central Shanghai. Right now, the place is in the "ghost city" phase of development, but is rapidly moving towards being inhabited. It is slated to be fully functioning by 2020.
Fun Facts
The ordered lines of Jerome, Idaho (population: 10,000) start to disintegrate as you approach those parts of town that teeter on the edge of the Snake river canyon. Here the homes are "unregulated and unzoned", says photographer Michael Light.
Click to zoom - for bigger image

10.29.2014. 13:19

Tuesday October 01, 2014
News Articles

New Study: Global Warming Has Doubled The Risk Of Extreme Winters In Europe
ThinkProgress | Jeff Spross | 10/27/14

Global warming has doubled the chances that any given winter in Europe or northern Asia will be unusually severe, according to new research.

Specifically, temperatures have risen at the poles much faster than around the rest of the planet, leading to the collapse of Arctic sea ice coverage and altering weather patterns in the northern hemisphere. The research was recently published in Nature Geoscience, and relied on a the combined output of 100 different simulations -- "the most comprehensive computer modeling study to date," as The Guardian put it. ... Read more

Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash
ProPublica | Jake Bernstein | 09/26/14

After interviews with dozens of New York Fed employees, Beim learned something that surprised even him. The most daunting obstacle the New York Fed faced in overseeing the nation's biggest financial institutions was its own culture. The New York Fed had become too risk-averse and deferential to the banks it supervised. Its examiners feared contradicting bosses, who too often forced their findings into an institutional consensus that watered down much of what they did. ... Read more

NPR | The Secret Recordings of the FED and Goldman Sach by Carmen Segarra (09/26/14) [62:24]
NPR This American Life
Ira introduces Carmen Segarra, a bank examiner for the Federal Reserve in New York who, in 2012, started secretly recording as she and her colleagues went about regulating one of the most powerful financial institutions in the country. This was during a time when the New York Fed was trying to become a stronger regulator, so that it wouldn't fail to miss another financial crisis like it did with the meltdown in 2008. As part of that effort to reform, the Fed had commissioned a highly confidential report, written by Columbia professor David Beim, that identified why the regulator failed in the years leading up to the crisis. Beim laid out specific recommendations for how the Fed could fix its problems. Carmen's recordings allow us to see if the Fed successfully heeded those recommendations more than two years later. What we hear is not reassuring.

Secret Recordings Inside The Federal Reserve Prompt Elizabeth Warren To Call For Investigation
ThinkProgress.org | Alan Pyke | 09/28/14

Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) want to investigate the Federal Reserve's relationships with the banks it oversees after the release of taped conversations between managers and a former bank examiner at the Fed.

... Segarra says she began making the tapes after her own colleagues tried on multiple occasions to cajole her into changing her notes from meetings with Goldman Sachs executives because they didn't want an official record of some of the executives' comments about the bank's willingness to bend the rules. ...

... The tapes document the former examiner's experience pushing for a tougher approach to Goldman Sachs and being rebuffed by members of the team who had been there much longer. The audio recordings, published last week by This American Life and Pro Publica, appear to indicate that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York continues to have too cozy a relationship with the private bankers it is supposed to supervise despite an internal 2009 report that documented serious problems with how the Fed ran its oversight division in the run-up to the financial crisis. ... Read more

Click to zoom - for Article text

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, October 28 [7:45]
DN | Attack on Canadian Parliament Fuels "Anti-Terror" Laws, Ignoring Ties to Mental Illness, Drug Abuse (10/28/14) [20:56]
*DN | As Indonesia's New President Takes Office, Cabinet Includes Officials Tied to Atrocities of Old (10/28/14) [15:11]
*DN | Monsanto, BigAg Spend Millions Fighting Colorado, Oregon Ballot Measures to Label GMO Foods (10/28/14) [10:28]
TRNN | Hedges & Wolin: Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?, Part 4 (10/28/14) [26:47]
*TRNN | Larry Wilkerson: Nuclear Agreement with Iran May Become Midterm Election Fodder in Congress (10/28/14) [10:42]
TRNN | Michael Fox of teleSUR: A Narrow Victory for President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil (10/28/14) [8:16]
Jon StewarT
Jon Stewart | "Forgetting to Be Afraid" author and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis expresses hope that Texas is gradually becoming more liberal. (10/27/14) [4:47], Part 2 [5:46]
Jon Stewart | Democalypse 2014 - South by South Mess: Malady on 34th Street (10/16/14) [8:28]
Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire | Ring of Fire full episode(10/27/14) [57:00]
  1. 00:49 - "The Unending Greed of Hank Greenberg." Howard Nations will discuss former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg's suit against the government for helping his company avoid bankruptcy. #NeverendingGreed
  2. 12:34 - "The Hidden Dangers of Fracking." Attorney Tom Crosley will explain the link between fracking in the Eagle Ford Shale and the massive uptick in traffic accidents in the area. #FrackingDangers
  3. 22:14 - "Contractor Fraud A Growing Epidemic." Michael Burg will tell us how construction defects and contractor fraud are becoming the "new normal" in the construction industry. #ConstructionFraud
  4. 31:43 - "What We Learned From The Fed Tapes." Attorney Peter Mougey will explain the significance of the recently released "Fed Tapes." #FedTapes
  5. 41:28 - "Rand Paul's GOP Makeover." Adele Stan, senior digital editor of The American Prospect in Washington, D.C., will explain how Rand Paul is hoping to makeover the GOP in his own image -- and why we should all be very afraid. #RandPaul
  6. 51:20 - "Republicans Are Outsourcing America." David Haynes will discuss the dangers of privatization and outsourcing, and how they've brought in new avenues of fraud for corporations. #OutsourcingAmerica

10.28.2014. 13:35

Monday October 27, 2014
News Articles

Billionaires Answer Call To Donate To Republican Super PACs For 2014 Homestretch
HP | Paul Blumenthal | 10/22/14

Billionaires are rushing to the aid of Republicans in the homestretch of the 2014 elections with a massive super PAC infusion after a plea from big money mastermind Karl Rove.

On Sept. 17, Rove, the co-founder of the super PAC and dark money duo American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, took to the Wall Street Journal editorial page to send out his billionaire bat-signal.

... Since Rove's plea, 21 billionaires and their family members have poured $19.9 million into super PACs backing Republican Party candidates, fueling an October outside spending surge. Only $5.1 million was given to the Republican super PACs in the first half of September, before Rove's request. ... Read more

Arctic Ice Melt Seen Doubling Risk of Harsh Winter in EU
Bloomberg | Stefan Nicola | 10/16/14

The decline in Arctic sea ice has doubled the chance of severe winters in Europe and Asia in the past decade, according to researchers in Japan.

Sea-ice melt in the Arctic, Barents and Kara seas since 2004 has made more than twice as likely atmospheric circulations that suck cold Arctic air to Europe and Asia, a group of Japanese researchers led by the University of Tokyo's Masato Mori said in a study published yesterday in Nature Geoscience. ... Read more

Another Deutsche Banker And Former SEC Enforcement Attorney Commits Suicide
ZeroHedge | author | 10/26/14

Back on January 26, a 58-year-old former senior executive at German investment bank behemoth Deutsche Bank, William Broeksmit, was found dead after hanging himself at his London home, and with that, set off an unprecedented series of banker suicides throughout the year which included former Fed officials and numerous JPMorgan traders. Following a brief late summer spell in which there was little if any news of bankers taking their lives, as reported previously, the banker suicides returned with a bang when none other than the hedge fund partner of infamous former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Khan, Thierry Leyne, a French-Israeli entrepreneur, was found dead after jumping off the 23rd floor of one of the Yoo towers, a prestigious residential complex in Tel Aviv. Just a few brief hours later the WSJ reported that yet another Deutsche Bank veteran has committed suicide, and not just anyone but the bank's associate general counsel, 41 year old Calogero "Charlie" Gambino, who was found on the morning of Oct. 20, having also hung himself by the neck from a stairway banister Read more

$20 Billion Later Halliburton Moves Headquarters to Dubai
HP | Raymond J. Learsy | older, 05/25/11)

Business must be slowing down in Iraq. After booking over $20 billion in revenues from its work in Iraq, some on no bid contracts and now under Congressional scrutiny for both the quality of its work and billing practices, Halliburton, Dick Cheney's old company, is moving its headquarters from Houston to Dubai. The company together with its KBR unit has been the Pentagon's largest contractor in Iraq.

The move is being met with outrage on Capitol Hill. Senator Patrick Leahy (D. Vermont) and chairman of the judiciary committee voiced his anger, "This is an insult to the U.S. soldiers and taxpayers who paid the tab for their no bid contracts and endured their overcharges for all these years". ... Read more

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire | Ring of Fire full episode(10/19/14) [56:30]
  1. 00:39 - "Republican Budget Cuts Are Breeding Corruption." Michael Burg explains how austerity measures are leading to an increase in the amount of government waste and corporate fraud. #AusterityFraud
  2. 10:36 - "Shifting Costs To The Sick." Howard Nations talks about the new way that insurance companies are trying to fleece consumers with higher fees. #Insurance
  3. 19:57 - "The Ticking Time Bombs on Our Highways." David Haynes will tell us why most vehicle recalls go unheeded by consumers, dealerships, and even the government. #RecallDangers
  4. 29:20 - "The Forgotten Victims Of The Recession." Joshua Holland, senior digital producer for BillMoyers.com in New York City, will tell us about the mental anguish that was caused by the Great Recession. #RecessionVictims
  5. 37:58 - "Are American Doctors Too Greedy?" Dr. Tom Schneider, author of A Physician's Apology, talks about the rampant greed that has become a staple of the medical profession. #PrescriptionForGreed
  6. 46:35 - "How Florida Elected A Criminal Governor." Farron Cousins, executive editor of The Trial Lawyer Magazine, explains how the state of Florida managed to elect a fraud-riddled candidate as governor. #RickScottFraud
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, October 27 [9:21]
*DN | Back from West Africa, a U.S. Nurse Says Quarantining Medical Workers Threatens Ebola Response (10/27/14) [11:56]
*DN | From Fear-Mongering to Crippling Debt, Lapses in Politics and Health Hurt Global Effort on Ebola (10/27/14) [19:33]
Good Old Dick Cheney
TYT | Finally, A Reporter Challenges Dick Cheney & It's... Megyn Kelly? (06/19/14) [6:41]
TheLipTV | 9/11 and the Cheney Conspiracy with Michael Ruppert, Part 2 (03/05/13) [49:23]
Bill Moyers | Two experts on American elections talk to Bill about the plot to keep citizens away from the ballot box. (10/24/14) [25:23]
John Oliver
John Oliver Calls Out Sugar Industry (10/26/14) [11:34]
TRNN | Costas Lapavitsas speaks: The Financialization of Life, Part 3 (10/26/14) [16:14]
TRNN | Costas Lapavitsas speaks: The Financialization of Life, Part 4 (10/26/14) [14:33]
TYT | In The Battle Of Billionaires, Karl Rove Wins And America Loses (10/26/14) [6:47]
TYT | Most Hated Government By Its Own People? The Winner Is... (10/25/14) [8:48]
TYT | Conservatives Trust News Like This, Liberals Trust News Like That (10/25/14) [9:20]
TYT | Federal Reserve Head Breaks Down Inequality (10/25/14) [6:09]
TYT | War On Drugs + War On Terror = Boom Times For Opium Trade (10/25/14) [4:24]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across

10.27.2014. 11:08

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On September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists attacked the Unites States. They hijacked four airplanes in mid-flight. The terrorists flew two of the planes into two skyscrapers at the World Trade Center in New York City. The impact caused the buildings to catch fire and collapse. Another plane destroyed part of the Pentagon (the U.S. military headquarters) in Arlington, Virginia. The fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Officials believe that the terrorists on that plane intended to destroy either the White House or the U.S. Capitol. Passengers on the plane fought the terrorists and prevented them from reaching their goal. In all, nearly 3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks.
Wall Street and Banksters
Wall Street and Banksters

Wall Street is an eight-block-long street running roughly northwest to southeast from Broadway to South Street, at the East River, in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City. Over time, the term has become a metonym for the financial markets of the United States as a whole, the American financial services industry (even if financial firms are not physically located there), or New York-based financial interests.
The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone & Petere Kuznick

The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone & Petere Kuznick | 2014 | 10 Episodes

Oliver Stone and American University historian Peter J. Kuznick began working on the project in 2008. Stone, Kuznick and British screenwriter Matt Graham cowrote the script. It covers "the reasons behind the Cold War with the Soviet Union, U.S. President Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, and changes in America's global role since the fall of Communism." Stone is the director and narrator of all ten episodes.
Kuznick Interviews

Kuznick Interviews

Historian Peter Kuznick says Eisenhower called for decreased militarization, then Dulles reversed the policy; the Soviets tried to end the cold war after the death of Stalin; crazy schemes involving nuclear weapons and the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba put the world of the eve of destruction - with host Paul Jay

The Untold History of the United States by Kuznick, Peter.mobi | Book | 6.99 MB
The Vietnam War

The Vietnam War

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick's ten-part, 18-hour documentary series, THE VIETNAM WAR, tells the epic story of one of the most consequential, divisive, and controversial events in American history as it has never before been told on film. Visceral and immersive, the series explores the human dimensions of the war through revelatory testimony of nearly 80 witnesses from all sides--Americans who fought in the war and others who opposed it, as well as combatants and civilians from North and South Vietnam. Ten years in the making, the series includes rarely seen and digitally re-mastered archival footage from sources around the globe, photographs taken by some of the most celebrated photojournalists of the 20th Century, historic television broadcasts, evocative home movies, and secret audio recordings from inside the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations.
China Valley of Tunnels

China Valley of Tunnels

A report written by a Georgetown University team led by Phillip Karber conducted a three-year study to map out China’s complex tunnel system, which stretches 5,000 km (3,000 miles). The report determined that the stated Chinese nuclear arsenal is understated and as many as 3,000 nuclear warheads may be stored in the underground tunnel network.

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