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Wednesday May 06, 2015
News Articles
We no longer have capitalism, Fair Trade, or a Democracy anymore. We have One-Dollar-One-Vote, Free Tade (for some), and an Oligarchy (rule by the few) for a government.

IL Governor Rauner's Pal Made $625,000 Per Hour Last Year and Then Gave $10 Million to Rauner Campaign to Attack Unions and Cut Worker Pay
HP | Robert Creamer | 05/06/15

The New York Times reported yesterday that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's chief political backer, Ken Griffin, made $1.3 billion last year as manager of the hedge fund Citadel Capital. Griffin made as much personally as 26,000 average Americans making the median wage. He made as much as 16,000 civil engineers.

Griffin made $625,000 per hour. By the way, he also benefited from the federal tax law that allows hedge fund managers to pay a maximum of 20 percent tax rate on their income. That means that Griffin probably paid a lower income tax rate than his secretary.

Not only did Griffin donate $2.5 million to Rauner's campaign for governor. He also contributed millions to right-wing Super-PACs -- including one controlled by the notorious Charles and David Koch.

And he contributed $10 million -- half of a $20 million campaign war chest -- that Rauner plans to use to run opponents against members of the legislature who dare to oppose his policies that are aimed at destroying unions and cutting worker wages and pensions. Read more

Bernie Sanders To Introduce Bill To Break Up The Big Banks
HP & Reuters | author | 05/05/15

Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist U.S. senator who has launched a bid for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, said on Tuesday he will introduce a bill to break up the biggest banks, a position far to the left of the party's front runner, Hillary Clinton.

Calls for Wall Street's largest firms to be cut down were numerous after taxpayers spent billions of dollars to prevent the financial system from collapse during the 2007-09 financial crisis, but they have since gradually died down. Under the Sanders proposal, regulators on the existing Financial Stability Oversight Council would compile a list of institutions that are 'too big to fail' and implicitly rely on government support during a crisis. ... Read more

California Adopts "Unprecedented" Restrictions On Water Use As Drought Worsens.

On Flash Crash Anniversary Scapegoat Sarao Says "I Did Nothing Wrong Apart From Being Good At My Job"
ZeroHedge | author | 05/06/15

While the rest of the world, or at least 1% of it, is enjoying the ongoing "wealth effect" propping up the increasingly more rickety "markets" built on the backs of $22 trillion in central bank assets, or more than the GDP of the US and Japan combined, earlier today Nav was fighting if not for his life then certainly his freedom when he told a London court he had done nothing wrong, the Flash Crash was not his fault, and was just good at his job. "I've not done anything wrong apart from being good at my job. How is this allowed to go on, man?" Sarao said at Westminster Magistrates' Court. ... Read more

Samples of Israeli Horrific Brutality and War Criminality in Gaza
firstlook.org/theintercept/ | Glenn Greenwald | 05/05/15

The Israeli group Breaking the Silence issued a report this morning containing testimony from Israeli soldiers about the savagery and criminality committed by the Israeli military during the attack on Gaza last summer. The Independent has a good article describing the report's findings: "The Israeli military deliberately pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip with incessant fire of inaccurate ordinance" and "was at best indifferent about casualties among the Palestinian population." At best.

This should surprise nobody who paid any attention to the brutal Israeli destruction of Gaza or, for that matter, countless Israeli attacks before that. The U.N. has said that 7 out of 10 people killed by the Israelis were civilians, "including 1,462 civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women"; video of Israelis killing four Gazan boys as they played on a beach sickened anyone decent. ... Read more

Electronic Frontier Foundation | Stop Watching Us () [3:25]
ReasonTV | Edward Snowden, v 1.0: NSA Whistleblower William Binney Tells All (01/10/14) [50:11]
HarvardLawSchool | Lawrence Lessig Interviews Edward Snowden (10/23/14) [1:03:01]
Climate Change | The Sixth Extinction
DN | The Sixth Extinction: Elizabeth Kolbert on How Humans Are Causing Largest Die Off Since Dinosaur Age (02/11/14) [12:45]
The Sixth Extinction () [50:27]
History of Earth and Extinction () [2:08:40]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, May 06 [9:19]
*DN | "Kill Anything": Israeli Soldiers Say Gaza Atrocities Came from Orders for Indiscriminate Fire (05/06/15) [25:30]
DN | After Palestine Overcomes U.S.-Israeli Pressure and Joins ICC, Will Gaza's Victims See Justice? (05/06/15) [13:55]
*'Breaking Silence': IDF soliders speak out on Gaza operation (05/05/15) [11:35]
Alan Grayson on TPP & TTIP
*No to 'Fast Track,' No to Trade Treachery (04/29/15) [9:00], http://www.TradeTreachery.com website
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | Jon Stewart Plays 'Let's Get Rid Of Ted Cruz' (05/06/15) [5:31]
*TRNN | John Kiriakou: Why I Was Targeted by the CIA, Part 9 (05/06/15) [26:16]
For interviews 1-8 go here
TRNN | Attorney A. Dwight Pettit and law professor Byron Warnken discuss: Did States Attorney Mosby Overcharge the Six Baltimore Police? (05/06/15) [7:35]
*TYT | America's Number One Issue In 2016 Election Is... (05/05/15) [4:00]
TYT | Megyn Kelly & Bill O'Reilly Duke It Out Over Muhammad Contest (05/05/15) [3:56]
TYT | Huckabee Running For President Despite Powerful Haters (05/05/15) [7:57]
Ring of Fire | Papantonio: Sanders and Warren Are Right - Kill The TPP (05/05/15) [10:06]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Reaganism is Literally Killing Us! (05/05/15) [8:27]
ThomHartmann | DNC Announces 6 Presidential Debates... (05/05/15) [1:25]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Tuesday May 05, 2015
News Articles

*Why the Trans Pacific 'Trade Deal' Is a Terrible Deal for American Workers
AlterNet | Robert Reich | 05/03/15

Have we learned nothing from thirty years of failed trickle-down economics? By now we should know that when big corporations, Wall Street, and the wealthy get special goodies, the rest of us get shafted.

The Reagan and George W. Bush tax cuts of 1981, 2001, and 2003, respectively, were sold to America as ways to boost the economy and create jobs. They ended up boosting the take-home pay of those at the top. Most Americans saw no gains.

In fact, the long stagnation of American wages began with Reaganomics. Wages rose a bit under Bill Clinton, and then started plummeting again under George W. Bush. Trickle-down economics proved a cruel hoax. The new jobs created under Reagan and George W. Bush paid lousy wages, the old jobs paid even less, and we ended up with whopping federal budget deficits. ... Read more

*US Trade Deficit Soars To Worst Since Financial Crisis; Will Push Q1 GDP Negative
ZeroHedge | author | 05/05/15

After shrinking notably in Feb, March's US Trade deficit exploded. Against expectations of a $41.7bn deficit, the US generated a $51.4bn deficit - the worst since Oct 2008 and the biggest miss on record. Exports rose just $1.6bn while imports soared $17.1bn with the goods deficit with China soaring from $27.3bn to $37.8bn in March. Ironically, just as the "harsh winter" was found to lead to a GDP boost due to a surge in utility spending, so the West Coast port strike which was blamed for the GDP drop, was actually benefiting the US economy as it lead to a plunge in imports. In March, however, the pipeline was cleared, and US imports from China soared by over $10 billion to $38 billion. End result: prepare for upcoming Q1 GDP downgrades into negative territory. .... Read more

Greek Deal In Limbo After "Serious Disagreement" Between EU, IMF
ZeroHedge | author | 05/05/15

On the heels of Monday's news that the IMF may demand a write-off of Greek debt by European creditors before the organization will disburse its portion of a €7.2 billion aid tranche to Athens, it now appears the situation has deteriorated further with unnamed Greek officials reporting "serious disagreements" between the IMF and the EU which may make a compromise "impossible" by the critical May 12 deadline. ... Read more

The Obscene Amounts of Money the 10 Highest-Paid Hedge Fund Managers Just Made
AlterNet | Michael Arria | 05/05/15

Alpha Magazine has released its "Rich List," the annual rundown of the Unites States' highest-earning hedge fund managers and there's an interesting development. The top earners underwent a 45% drop in earnings during 2014, which prompted the magazine to invoke, "harsh memories of the global financial crisis [that] pervaded Wall Street."

Yes, the top hedge fund managers only pulled down a "paltry" $11.62 billion combined in 2014, around the same amount they were able to bag in 2008 and only a little more than half of what they generated in 2013. Head of Appaloosa Management David Tepper fell from Number 1 to 11th, taking in a "mere" $400 million. "In total, it was a rough year for hedge fund industry honchos," Jeff Cox wrote at CNBC.

Ken GriffinCitadel$1.3 billion
James SimonsRenaissance$1.2 billion
Ray DalioBridgewater$1.1 billion
Bill AckmanPershing Square$950 million
Izzy EnglanderMillenium$900 million
Michael PlattBluecrest$800 million
Larry RobbinsGlenview$570 million
David ShawDE Shaw$530 million
O. Andreas HalvorsenViking Global$450 million
Charles ColemanTiger Global$425 million
Read more

How The NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text
firstlook.org/theintercept/ | Dan Froomkin | 05/05/15

Top-secret documents from the archive of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show the National Security Agency can now automatically recognize the content within phone calls by creating rough transcripts and phonetic representations that can be easily searched and stored.

The documents show NSA analysts celebrating the development of what they called "Google for Voice" nearly a decade ago. Though perfect transcription of natural conversation apparently remains the Intelligence Community's "holy grail," the Snowden documents describe extensive use of keyword searching as well as computer programs designed to analyze and "extract" the content of voice conversations, and even use sophisticated algorithms to flag conversations of interest. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, May 05 [12:07]
*DN | Human Rights Watch: Saudi-Led Coalition Bombing Yemen with Banned U.S.-Made Cluster Munitions (05/05/15) [8:34]
*DN | Emails Show American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable Torture (05/05/15) [8:39]
Alan Grayson on TPP & TTIP
*No to 'Fast Track,' No to Trade Treachery (04/29/15) [9:00], http://www.TradeTreachery.com website
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | Jon Stewart Explains When It's OK To Shoot People Who've Offended You (05/05/15) [9:55]
TRNN | Baltimore Youth on Being Called Thugs (05/05/15) [10:23]
TRNN | Baltimore Police Admit camera presence during interaction with young man prevented arrest. (05/05/15) [5:02]
TYT | Is This Job-Slashing Ex-CEO The Anti-Hillary The GOP's Been Praying For? (05/04/15) [7:58]
TYT | Neurosurgeon Turned FOX News Loon Joins Presidential Race (05/04/15) [7:09]
*TYT | 'Draw Muhammad' Contest Organizer Ups The Hate Following Shooting (05/04/15) [16:09]
RT | Keiser Report: Royal 'Cramdowns' (E753) (05/05/15) [23:47]
*Papantonio: Sanders' Candidacy Will Force Conversation on REAL Issues (05/01/15) [7:50]
Ring of Fire | Tell Americans The Truth About TPP: Quit Hiding (05/01/15) [10:42]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Sociopathy on Parade... (05/05/15) [3:17]
ThomHartmann | Bernie Sanders: The U.S. Should be like Scandinavia... (05/05/15) [2:51]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Monday May 04, 2015
News Articles

Bill Gross: "This Is All Ending"
ZeroHedge | author | 05/04/15

"When does our credit based financial system sputter / break down? When investable assets pose too much risk for too little return. Not immediately, but at the margin, credit and stocks begin to be exchanged for figurative and sometimes literal money in a mattress." We are approaching that point now as bond yields, credit spreads and stock prices have brought financial wealth forward to the point of exhaustion. A rational investor must indeed have a sense of an ending, not another Lehman crash, but a crush of perpetual bull market enthusiasm. ... Read more

US Factory Orders Drop YoY For 5th Consecutive Month.
Path to Paradise - The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing [VHS]

An HBO production, amazing actors, superb dialog. A bomb-making expert from Iraq attempts entry to the U.S. without a visa. He states he's leaving Iraq for political asylum in the U.S. The INS agent questions him a bit, looks over his fishy looking passport. She approaches her superior with the asylum application and urges that "he should be detained". "Jails are full. You want to take him home?" her boss retorts. The film shows just how these terrorists jumped through about any and every loophole in the system under the guise of religious freedom. Bomb-making right in the apartment. Operating right under the nose of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Anti-American propaganda tapes found in an apartment which, truth be told, is not against the law. And of course there was the chilling prophetic line at the end: "Next time we'll bring them both down." ... Read more

How to Solve America's Biggest Problems with Bernie Sanders!
How to Solve America's Biggest Problems with Bernie Sanders!
Austin Indymedia | author | 04/11/15

Watch Bernie and be inspired! Vermont's Independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on topics from climate change to income inequality in a Town Hall Meeting in Austin, Texas, on March 31st, 2015.

The Town Hall Meeting discussion items includes:
How to . . .
  1. Overturn Citizens United and Get Big Money Out of Politics;
  2. Deal with Obscene Wealth and Income Inequality.
  3. Combat Climate Change.
  4. Create Democracy NOT Oligarchy.

Ben Carson Is Running for President. Read These 6 Stories About Him Now.
MotherJones | Sam Brodey | 05/04/15

The doctor is in: Conservative darling Dr. Ben Carson officially announced that he's running for president on Sunday in interviews with TV stations in Ohio and Florida. On Monday, he's expected to address supporters in his hometown of Detroit. He will be the fourth Republican to officially enter the race, joining Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), and Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

Carson's candidacy is the culmination of months of fundraising and advocacy by grassroots activists anxious for him to run for president. Carson, a former head of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University whose unlikely rise was the subject of a cable TV movie, has never before held elected office. He is popular among DC-loathing tea partiers and Christian conservatives, but his political inexperience and past gaffes will likely make it difficult for him to win over the GOP establishment. ... Read more

Future President Ben Carson Wrote 6 Books. We Read Them So You Don't Have To.
MotherJones | Tim Murphy | 01/27/15

Former neurosurgeon Ben Carson rallied Republicans at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Saturday, stirring up speculation once more that the conservative activist will seek his party's presidential nomination next year. Carson has never run for office and only recently registered as a Republican, but as the author of six books over more than two decades, he does have a considerable paper trail--and it's starting to get him into trouble. ... Read more

Climate Change
Climate Desk | Mapping Deforestation with Google Earth (older, but good) [1:08]
Climate Desk | Using the Bible to Resist Climate Action (older, but sad) [1:31]
NatGeo | Six degrees could change the world (older, but informative) [1:36:06]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, May 04 [7:58]
DN | "Our Time is Now": Baltimore State's Attorney Mosby Charges Six Baltimore Cops in Freddie Gray Death (05/04/15) [8:13]
DN | "The Army Knew": New Investigation Unravels Mexican Govt. Account of How 43 Students Disappeared (05/04/15) [10:57]
John Oliver
HBO | John Oliver: Standardized Testing (05/03/15) [18:01]
False Flag Videos
*HBO | Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the (1993) World Trade Center Bombing () [1:34:17]
TRNN | John Kiriakou described: his time as head of counter terrorism in Pakistan and the lie about the torture of Abu Zubaydah, Part 8 (05/04/15) [24:37]
TRNN | What Conditions Gave Rise to the Baltimore Uprising? (05/04/15) [25:33]
TRNN | Was Baltimore's Curfew a Dress Rehearsal for Martial Law? (05/04/15) [39:36]
TRNN | Over 5,000 Students Call For Change From the Top in Baltimore (05/04/15) [5:01]
*TYT | Did The Supreme Court Just Overturn Citizens United On Accident? (05/03/15) [7:06]
TYT | Marilyn Mosby Attacked Immediately After Announcing Charges Against Cops (05/03/15) [9:37]
TYT | Can Bernie Sanders Appeal To Middle America? (05/03/15) [5:09]
RT | Keiser Report: Never-ending Baltimores (E752) (05/02/15) [23:36]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
ThomHartmann | Caller: End of Times Republicans Don't Want Mideast Peace... (05/01/15) [3:17]
ThomHartmann | Brunch with Bernie: May 1, 2015 (05/01/15) [44:08]
False Flags
Boston Bombing
  1. Boston Marathon bombing kills 3, injures over 140 | Jimmy Golen | AP (04/16/13)
  2. When Drills Go Live? Marathons -- A Tale of 2 Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event
  3. Marathons -- A Tale of 2 Cities and the Running of a Planned Mass Casualty Event.pdf
  4. Fox19 | Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? (04/16/13) [3:44]
  5. Storyleak | Anthony Gucciardi: Boston Marathon Witness, Alastair Stevenson, Interview: Police Told Us Bomb Drill Was 'Training Exercise' (04/16/13) [4:09]
London Undeground - 7/7 - 07/07/05
  1. Britain's Largest Terror Attack Likely "Mossad/MI-5? Operation | veteranstoday.com | Anthony John Hill (05/18/11) (article)
  2. 7/7 Ripple Effect 2 () [2:22:22]
  3. BBC Documentary on London 7/7 bombings () [58:58]
  1. Mike Ruppert | 9/11 - The Truth And Lies Of 911 (2004) [2:23:58]
  2. Webster G. Tarpley on the 46 Drills of 9/11 (03/30/12) [58:56]
WTC 1993
  1. FBI 100 | First Strike: Global Terror in America (02/26/93) (article)
  2. Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing () [1:34:17]
  3. 1993 World Trade Center Bombing Documentary [44:30]
OKC Bombing 1995
  1. OKC Bombing Star Witness Reveals Staged Government Terror Attack (04/19/12) [1:01:33]
  2. A Noble Lie (04/19/95) [2:00:52]
Brave New Films | F35, The jet that ate the Pentagon (02/03/14) [8:18]

Friday May 01, 2015
News Articles

16 Signs That The Economy Has Stalled Out And The Next Economic Downturn Is Here
ZeroHedge | author | 05/01/15

If U.S. economic growth falls any lower, we are officially going to be in recession territory. On Wednesday, we learned that U.S. GDP grew at a 0.2 percent annual rate in the first quarter of 2015. That was much lower than all of the "experts" were projecting. And of course there are all sorts of questions whether the GDP numbers the government feeds us are legitimate anyway. According to John Williams of shadowstats.com, if honest numbers were used they would show that U.S. GDP growth has been continuously negative since 2005. ...

  1. We just learned that U.S. GDP grew at an anemic 0.2 percent annual rate during the first quarter of 2015...
  2. If you strip a very unusual inventory buildup out of the GDP number, U.S. GDP would have actually fallen at a -2.5 percent annual rate during the first quarter...
  3. Our trade deficit with the rest of the planet is absolutely killing our economic growth. According to the Reality Chek Blog, U.S. economic growth would have been a total of 8 percent higher since the end of the last recession if we actually had balanced trade with other nations...
  4. According to numbers that were just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in one out of every five American families nobody has a job. So how in the world can the "unemployment rate" be sitting at "5.5 percent" when everyone is unemployed in 20 percent of all families in the United States? It doesn't make any sense.
  5. The rate of homeownership in the United States has just hit a brand new 25 year low. How can anyone claim that the middle class is "healthy" when the percentage of Americans that own a home is the lowest that it has been in more than two decades?
  6. Back in 2013, 31 percent of all Americans said that they did not anticipate buying a home "for the foreseeable future". Just two years later, that number has risen to 41 percent.
  7. The student loan bubble is clearly bursting. According to Bloomberg, only 37 percent of all student loan borrowers are actually up to date on their payments and reducing their balances...
  8. Procter & Gamble has announced that it will be cutting up to 6,000 more jobs from their payroll. Why would they be doing this if the economy is "getting better"?
  9. McDonald's plans to permanently shut down 700 "poorly performing" restaurants over the course of 2015. Why would they be doing this if the economy is "getting better"?
  10. It is being projected that half of all fracking companies in the United States will be either "dead or sold" by the end of 2015.
  11. Retail sales in the U.S. have not dropped this rapidly since the last recession.
  12. Wholesale sales in the U.S. have not dropped this rapidly since the last recession.
  13. Factory orders in the U.S. have not dropped this rapidly since the last recession.
  14. Credit requests are being declined at a rate that we haven't seen since the last recession.
  15. U.S. export growth has gone negative for the first time since the last recession.
  16. As the U.S. economy begins to head into another downturn, most Americans are completely unprepared for it. In fact, one recent survey discovered that 62 percent of all Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck.
Read more

Brace for a flood of foreclosures when boom-era HELOCs turn 10
msn.com | Jerry Kronenberg | 04/27/15

Millions of Americans will soon see monthly bills shoot up on home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) taken out during the housing boom, because HELOCs are going to start making homeowners pay both interest and principal, not just interest. That's bad news because many consumers are already underwater, meaning they owe more than their places are worth, a RealtyTrac study shows.

"A lot of people were using their homes as ATMs during the bubble, and that -- coupled with the fact that home values have since gone down -- has backed a lot of them into a corner," says Daren Blomquist of RealtyTrac, which recently analyzed home equity lines of credit on millions of properties. ... Read more

US Manufacturing Weakest In 2 Years As Construction Spending Plunges.

How Shale Is Becoming The Dot-Com Bubble Of The 21st Century
ZeroHedge | author | 05/01/15

As I review the financials of one of the largest shale producers in the United States, Whiting Petroleum (WLL), I can't help but notice the parallels to the .COM era of 1999 which, to some extent, has already returned to the technology and biotech sectors of today. Back then, the faster you burned cash to capture customers regardless of earnings to drive your topline, the higher your valuation. The theory was that after capturing the customers (in energy today, it is the wells) spending would slow and so would customer additions allowing companies to generate cash. By the way, a classic recent case is none other than Netflix (NFLX) which, in the past was exposed for accounting gimmicks that continue even today.

What is worse is WLL continues to grow production even though prices have collapsed and cash generation is in decline. In fact, year over year cash generated from operations fell 30% despite production growing some 70% plus percent. Does this sound like a company you want to invest in or like one that is run efficiently? So, let's review: .com companies did the same and the majority went bankrupt so if WLL and other E&P companies continue to spend cash well above their operation capacity, not because they want to but because they have to, it will lead to the same result as it did in 2000... POP! ... Read more

The Uncounted; World Bank-Backed Energy Giant Threatens A Way Of Life
HP | Barry Yeoman | 05/01/15

The Tata group, one of India's largest conglomerates, promised to be a good neighbor when it took on the job of building the nation's first "ultra mega" coal-fired power plant. ICIJ and The Huffington Post estimate that 3.4 million people have been physically or economically displaced by World Bank-backed projects since 2004. For email updates on our investigation, sign up below. The plan was to build the plant along the Gulf of Kutch, an inlet of the Arabian Sea that provides a living for fishing clans that harvest the coast's rich marine life. Tata assured the World Bank Group, which was putting up $450 million to help finance the project, that there was little reason to worry about the giant plant's impact on people living and working nearby.

Tata reported that "the fishing potential of the Gulf of Kutch is significant," but there were "no local fishing activities in the coastal waters fronting the project." The "nearest small fishing community," it said, was located "outside the project area." ... Read more

Chernobyl At Risk
Chernobyl: Massive forest fire inches closer to abandoned nuclear plant, Ukraine (04/29/15) 0:58]
Chernobyl 25 Years Later: Soviet dream turned nuclear nightmare (04/26/11) [3:00]
Chernobyl Fallout 25: Pripyat, Nuclear Ghost Town (04/26/11) [26:14]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, May 01 [9:09]
*DN | Ralph Nader on Bernie Sanders, the TPP "Corporate Coup d'Etat" & Writing to the White House (05/01/15) [10:58]
Alan Grayson on TPP & TTIP
*No to 'Fast Track,' No to Trade Treachery (04/29/15) [9:00]
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States, creating a trilateral rules-based trade bloc in North America. The agreement came into force on January 1, 1994. More at wikipedia

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed regional regulatory and investment treaty. As of 2014, twelve countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region have participated in negotiations on the TPP: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam. The nine Trans-Pacific Partnership countries announced that the TPP intended to "enhance trade and investment among the TPP partner countries, to promote innovation, economic growth and development, and to support the creation and retention of jobs." Some global health professionals, internet freedom activists, environmentalists, organised labour, advocacy groups, and elected officials have criticised and protested the negotiations, in large part because of the proceedings' secrecy, the agreement's expansive scope, and controversial clauses in drafts leaked to the public. More at wikipedia

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. Proponents say the agreement would result in multilateral economic growth, while critics say it would increase corporate power and make it more difficult for governments to regulate markets for public benefit. The American government considers the TTIP a companion agreement to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. After a proposed draft was leaked in March 2014. More at wikipedia

A Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) is a proposal to create a trans-atlantic free-trade area covering Europe and North America. Such proposals have been made since the 1990s and since 2013 an agreement between the United States and European Union has been under negotiation: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Once complete, if combined with free trade agreements with Canada, Mexico and the European Free Trade Association it could form a free trade area covering a large portion of the two continents. More at wikipedia

http://www.senate.gov/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm http://www.TradeTreachery.com
TRNN | TRNN Investigative journalist Stephen Janis discusses: What We Know About the Multiple Investigations into Freddie Gray's Death (05/01/15) [10:51]
TYT | The Cause Of The Baltimore Riots According To One Idiotic Republican (04/30/15) [4:31]
TYT | The Story Of The Tulsa Race Riots Will Disgust You (04/30/15) [5:18]
TYT | Sen. Bernie Sanders Announces 2016 Run For Presidency (04/30/15) [6:07]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
Thom Hartmann | Alan Grayson: TPP is Trade Treachery (04/30/15) [5:27]

Thursday April 30, 2015
News Articles

Big Banks Claim Reform Will Hurt the Economy. Here's Why That's Bullsh*t.
AlterNet | Lynn Stuart Parramore | 04/29/15

Anat Admati, who teaches finance and economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is co-author of The Bankers' New Clothes, a classic account of the problem of Too Big to Fail banks. On May 6th she will address the "Finance and Society" conference sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, featuring influential women who have challenged the status quo, like Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, IMF Managing Director Christine LaGarde, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Admati will join Brooksley Born, former chair of Chair of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, to discuss how effective financial regulation can make the system work better for society. Seven years after financial hell broke loose, Admati warns that we are far from fixing a bloated and dangerous financial system -- and that the system can't fix itself. Why should you care? This gigantic house of cards could fall on you. ... Read more
PBS Frontline | The Warning with Brookley Born (10/20/09) [56:07]

PBS Frontline | The Warning (Audiocast) [56:27]

An audio version of the FRONTLINE documentary The Warning, airing Oct. 20, 2009 on PBS and available for viewing online at pbs.org/frontline. In the devastating aftermath of the economic meltdown, FRONTLINE sifts through the ashes for clues about why it happened and examines critical moments when it might have gone much differently. Looking back into the late 1990s, veteran FRONTLINE producer/director Michael Kirk discovers early warnings of the crash, reveals an intense battle among high-ranking members of the Clinton administration and uncovers a concerted effort not to regulate the emerging, highly-complex and lucrative derivatives markets that would become the ticking time bomb within the American economy.
Sales and revenues don't run this economy. Fees (bribes and kickbacks) run it all.

The One-State Conundrum
tomdispatch.com | Sandy Tolan | 04/30/15

America's closest allies, Israel and the Saudis, have been expressing something close to loathing for President Obama and his policies. In fact, you could think of the Saudi rulers as the John McCains of the Arabian Peninsula. Appalled to find Washington in something approaching a tacit alliance with their Iranian enemies in Iraq and actively negotiating a no-sanctions-for-nuclear-restrictions deal with that country, the Saudis launched a war of their own in Yemen and essentially forced the Obama administration into supporting it. Then they visibly ignored Washington's pressure to end their bombing campaign -- or rather claimed they were cutting back on it without evidently doing so -- which has been devastating to Yemeni civilians and ineffective in stopping the advances of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. ... Read more

Here's a punchline the Obama administration could affix to the Middle East right now: With allies like these, who needs enemies?

Tomorrow's Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa

You won't see segments about it on the nightly news or read about it on the front page of America's newspapers, but the Pentagon is fighting a new shadow war in Africa, helping to destabilize whole countries and preparing the ground for future blowback. Behind closed doors, U.S. officers now claim that "Africa is the battlefield of tomorrow, today." In Tomorrow's Battlefield, award-winning journalist and bestselling author Nick Turse exposes the shocking true story of the U.S. military's spreading secret wars in Africa.
Read more

Shadow Government: Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single Superpower World

In 1964, a book entitled The Invisible Government shocked Americans with its revelations of a growing world of intelligence agencies playing fast and loose around the planet, a secret government lodged inside the one they knew that even the president didn't fully control. Almost half a century later, everything about that "invisible government" has grown vastly larger, more disturbing, and far more visible. In his new book, Tom Engelhardt takes in something new under the sun: what is no longer, as in the 1960s, a national security state, but a global security one, fighting secret wars that have turned the president into an assassin-in-chief. Shadow Government offers a powerful survey of a democracy of the wealthy that your grandparents wouldn't have recognized.
Read more

More News
  1. Marchers protest police violence in Baltimore, New York (Reuters)
  2. Majority of Financial Pros Now Say Greece Is Headed for Euro Exit (BBG)
  3. Greece signals concessions in crunch talks with lenders (Reuters)
  4. Greece, Euro-Area Partners Target Deal by Sunday (BBG)
  5. Iglesias Says EU Risking Right-Wing Backlash With Greek Pressure (BBG)
  6. Student-Loan Surge Undercuts Millennials' Place in U.S. Economy (BBG)
  7. Majors' Quandary: Why Drill for Oil When They Can Buy Somebody Else's? (WSJ)
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, April 30 [13:09]
DN | "History Is Finally Moving On": Tom Hayden on Thawing of U.S.-Cuba Relations Despite GOP Opposition (04/30/15) [11:39]
*DN | History Repeats? Activist Tom Hayden on Police Brutality Protests from the 1960s to Baltimore (04/30/15) [16:38]
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | #FUCO - Democrats and Republicans F**king Cooperate (04/28/15) [5:44]
*TRNN | John Kiriakou: Iraq War a War Crime - Pushed by Cheney Over Objections of Joint Chiefs and CIA, Part 7 (04/30/15) [17:56]
TRNN | Dicussion: Mainstream TV's Attention to Property Destruction Overshadows Killing of Freddie Gray (04/30/15) [13:48]
TYT | Supreme Court FINALLY Enforces Campaign Finance Law - FINAL JUDGMENT (04/30/15) [3:04]
TYT | Bernie Sanders 2016? Senator To Announce Bid For Democratic Nomination (04/30/15) [9:30]
TYT | CNN's Wolf Blitzer On-Air Argument With Activist Deray McKesson (04/30/15) [6:26]
Papantonio: Obama - Tell Americans The Truth About TPP: Quit Hiding (04/27/15) [10:42]
Papantonio: Poor Police Training Is Killing Americans (04/27/15) [12:28]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
The Power of Protest - Then & Now... (04/29/15) [9:15]

Clueless White Privilege Meets the Baltimore Revolt... (04/29/15) [9:07]
PBS Frontline - Older, but Good!
PBS Frontline | Money, Power and Wall Street, Part 1 (04/24/12) [59:14], Part 2 [54:32], Part 3 [57:26], Part 4 [56:22]
As Wall Street innovated, its revenues skyrocketed, and financial institutions of all stripes tied their fortunes to one another. FRONTLINE probes deeply into the story of the big banks -- how they developed, how they profited, and how the model that produced unfathomable wealth planted the seeds of financial destruction.
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across
Note: I don't endorse any of the videos in this section.
As I construct My News Pages I constantly run across a lot of NEW videos, and since I find YouTube frustrating trying to re-find videos, I save the links in this section so I can find them again.

Wednesday April 29, 2015
News Articles

Bernie Sanders To Launch Presidential Campaign
HP | Sam Levine | 04/28/15

Sanders, who first entered the Senate in 2007, has criticized Clinton for being too soft on Wall Street and has doubted whether Clinton can address income inequality.

Sanders has been an outspoken critic of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal the Obama administration is negotiating with 11 Pacific countries. Sanders is also a critic of the controversial Citizens United Supreme Court decision, which struck down corporate campaign contribution limits. Sanders has tried to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision. ... Read more

Now all we need to do is figure out how to get Elizabeth Warren to run. Later down the road we can figure out who should be President and who should be Vice President.

The Financial Markets Now Control Everything
ZeroHedge | author | 04/29/15

The entire economic and political structure is now dependent in one way or another on the continued expansion of financial markets.

The financial markets don't just dominate the economy--they now control everything. In 1999, the BBC broadcast a 4-part documentary by Adam Curtis, The Mayfair Set ( Episode 1: "Who Pays Wins" 58 minutes), that explored the way financial markets have come to dominate not just the economy but the political process and society.

In effect, politicians now look to the markets for policy guidance, and any market turbulence now causes governments to quickly amend their policies to "rescue" the all-important markets from instability.

This is a global trend that has gathered momentum since the program was broadcast in 1999, as The Global Financial Meltdown of 2008-09 greatly reinforced the dominance of markets. ... Read more

The Mayfair Set: Who Pays Wins, Part 1 (1999) [58:45], Part 2 [58:54], Part 3 [], Part 4 [58:59]
or go here

Bruce Jenner: 'I'm a Woman'
ABC News | Diane Sewyer | date

Bruce Jenner was once hailed as the greatest athlete in the world and later became a reality television star with one of the world's most famous families. Now, the former Olympian is revealing a secret that has caused him turmoil for decades.

"For all intents and purposes, I'm a woman," Jenner told ABC's Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview that aired Friday in a special two-hour edition of ABC News' "20/20." ... Read more
ABC | Buce Jenner on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer () [11:31]

Note: there are 10 parts to this interview. For the other 9 parts please go here

Clear Waters of Lake Michigan Reveal Shipwrecks (PICTURES)
mentalfloss.com | author | 04/28/15

The last bit of ice has finally disappeared from Lake Michigan, revealing, to those in the air, what lies beneath the crystal clear waves: Shipwrecks. Lots of shipwrecks. On a patrol last Friday, a crew from the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City in Michigan snapped some gorgeous photos of just a few of the wrecks along the shoreline, then posted them to Facebook. ... Read more

Did You Know?
Fukushima, Japan | In the early morning news flash of 8/9/2014, NHK announced that pieces of nuclear fuel, fuel rods, reactor pressure vessels and the internal structure were blasted to at least 130km (81 miles) away from Fukushima nuclear plant.
More Videos
RT | Scrapped: Chittagong Cutters (03/16/15) [26:12]
RT | Origins of ISIS (older, but interesting 03/05/15) [27:15]
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, April 29 [7:23]
DN | "You Can Replace Property, You Can't Replace a Life": Voices of the Unheard in the Baltimore Streets (04/29/15) [16:50]
Jon Stewart
*Jon Stewart | Violent anti-police protests erupt in Baltimore, which blindside the media and CNN's Wolf Blitzer, despite the U.S.'s long history of racially charged riots. (04/28/15) [8:04]
TTIP: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing (2014) [49:07]
*TRNN | On Canadian National TV: Author Jeremy Scahill criticizes President Obama's drone wars, the Western... (04/28/15) [15:14]
TYT | Is Drone Warfare The Lesser Of Two Evils? (04/28/15) [2:48]
TYT | Bruce Jenner's Heartfelt Interview With Diane Sawyer On ABC 20/20 (04/28/15) [10:57]
TYT | Black Riots Vs. White Riots (04/28/15) [2:49]
*RT | CrossTalk: Putin's 15 Years (04/29/15) [24:37]
RT | Keiser Report: Bankers' marathon (E750) (04/28/15) [23:28]
RT | Russell Brand & Max Keiser tear up Her Majesty
Max interviews comedian, author and activist Russell Brand about his new film, 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. They discuss crypto currency, revolution and the Queen's head.
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/

Tuesday April 28, 2015
News Articles

Baltimore Smolders After Riot Over Freddie Gray's Death
HP & Reuters | Ian Simpson | 04/28/15

Firefighters on Tuesday battled building fires in Baltimore sparked by rioting that erupted after the funeral Monday of a 25-year-old black man who died after suffering a spinal injury in police custody.

Acrid smoke hung over streets where fire crews raced to contain damage from violence that broke out just blocks from the funeral of Freddie Gray and spread through much of West Baltimore. ... Read more

88 Days to Kandahar: A CIA Diary

The First American-Afghan War, a CIA war, was approved by President George W. Bush and directed by the author, Robert Grenier, the CIA station chief in Islamabad. Forging separate alliances with warlords, Taliban dissidents, and Pakistani intelligence, Grenier launched the "southern campaign," orchestrating the final defeat of the Taliban and Hamid Karzai's rise to power in 88 chaotic days.

In his gripping narrative, we meet: General Tommy Franks, who bridled at CIA control of "his" war; General "Jafar Amin," a gruff Pakistani intelligence officer who saved Grenier from committing career suicide; Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan's brilliant ambassador to the US, who tried to warn her government of the al-Qa'ida threat; "Mark," the CIA operator who guided Gul Agha Shirzai to bloody victory over the Taliban; General Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani, a cautious man who became the most powerful man in Pakistan, struggling with Grenier's demands while trying to protect his country; and Hamid Karzai, the puzzling anti-Taliban insurgent, a man of courage, petulance, and vacillating moods.

We Won the War in Afghanistan -- And Then Lost It ;A CIA diary '88 Days to Kandahar' (04/01/15) [1:10:03]

How the Fukushima Disaster Crippled Japan's Climate Plans
MotherJones | Tim McDonnell | 04/28/15

Japan used to have a pretty good reputation on climate change. Thanks to its robust industrial economy, it has the fourth-largest carbon footprint in the G20 nations. But it gets a sizable chunk of its power from zero-carbon sources like hydro dams and, at least until the 2011 disaster at Fukushima, nuclear plants. And in 2009, the country agreed, along with the other G8 nations, to reduce its carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050.

Back in 1992, Japan played host to the negotiations that led to the Kyoto Protocol, the first time a group of countries agreed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Even though the United States never ratified the Kyoto Protocol, it was a groundbreaking agreement. But today, in the context of a decade and a half of additional scientific research, policy advances, and public pressure, it's woefully insufficient to ward off the worst effects of climate change. That's why the international community is planning to craft a new agreement to replace it in Paris later this year. And this time around, Japan isn't looking so hot. ... Read more

kushima Uni "800,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cs-137 to reach West coast of North America by 2016?
fukushima-diary.com | author | 04/26/15

Prof. Aoyama from Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity reported that 800 tera Bq (800,000,000,000,000 Bq) of Cesium-137 is going to reach West Coast of North America by 2016. The amount to reach of other nuclides such as Cs-134 and other nuclides are not officially announced. This is 5% of the total Cs-137 amount discharged to the Pacific. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Tuesday, April 28 [10:13]
DN | Iranian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi on Nuclear Deal, Islamic State, Women's Rights (04/28/15) [15:02]
DN | National Guard Deployed as Baltimore Erupts After Years of Police Violence, Economic Neglect (04/28/15) [17:17]
John Oliver
*HBO | John Oliver: Fashion (04/26/15) [17:09]
More News Shorts
Another Secret Trade Deal: What is the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP)? (04/27/15) [4:08]
Many multi-billion-dollar companies find legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Here are just four... (04/27/15) [3:26]
*TRNN | John Kiriakou: A Sea of Blood, Part 6 (04/28/15) [28:49]
*TRNN | Wall Street Journal UN Correspondent Joe Laurie discusses: Why Saudis Derailed Imminent Yemen Deal With Airstrikes (04/28/15) [13:01]
*TRNN | Larry Wilkerson discusses how Chinese nuclear experts estimate North Korea has 20 nuclear warheads and could have 20 more in 2016 yet Washington is paying little attention (04/28/15) [9:43]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/

Monday April 27, 2015
News Articles

Who Is Really Choosing America's Next President?
ZeroHedge | author | 04/27/15

A growing number of political committees known as super PACs have become instruments of single donors, according to a ProPublica analysis of federal records. During the 2014 election cycle, $113 million -- 16 percent of money raised by all super PACs -- went to committees dominated by one donor. That was quadruple their 2012 share.

The rise of single-donor groups is a new example of how changes in campaign finance law are giving outsized influence to a handful of funders. ... Read more

Summing Up the Stock Market
New Highs To Nowhere On Nothing

HE'S BACK: War Prez Comes Out Against Peace
NYTimesHP | Jason Horowitz | 04/26/15

LAS VEGAS -- Former President George W. Bush said the United States must show that it can follow through on its promises, and argued against the lifting of sanctions against Iran during rare remarks about foreign policy in a meeting with hundreds of Jewish donors here Saturday night.

Mr. Bush told the 700 donors attending a closed-door Republican Jewish Coalition spring meeting that he would not criticize President Obama, whose aim to degrade and ultimately destroy the Islamic State he applauded. But the former president nevertheless offered comments that many in the audience viewed as a tacit critique of his successor. ... Read more

China Considers Launching QE; Shanghai Stocks Soar.

Boston Fed Admits There Is No Exit, Suggests QE Become "Normal Monetary Policy"
ZeroHedge | author | 04/26/15

"Largely missing from these discussions about the Fed's "exit strategy" is a consideration that perhaps it should retain, not discard, the balance sheet tools," the Boston Fed says, in a new paper advocating the retention of QE as a permanent part of the Fed's tool box. QEfinity may yet become a reality and for the most ironic of reasons: because the Fed is now in charge of promoting "financial stability" something which, as last October's Treasury flash crash proves, is exacerbated by asset purchases not ameliorated. ... Read more

One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America

We're often told that the United States is, was, and always has been a Christian nation. But in One Nation Under God, historian Kevin M. Kruse reveals that the idea of "Christian America" is an invention--and a relatively recent one at that.

As Kruse argues, the belief that America is fundamentally and formally a Christian nation originated in the 1930s when businessmen enlisted religious activists in their fight against FDR's New Deal. Corporations from General Motors to Hilton Hotels bankrolled conservative clergymen, encouraging them to attack the New Deal as a program of "pagan statism" that perverted the central principle of Christianity: the sanctity and salvation of the individual.

How Corporate America Invented Christian America
AlterNet | Kevin Kruse | 04/21/15

In December 1940, as America was emerging from the Great Depression, more than 5,000 industrialists from across the nation made their yearly pilgrimage to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, convening for the annual meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers. The program promised an impressive slate of speakers: titans at General Motors, General Electric, Standard Oil, Mutual Life, and Sears, Roebuck; popular lecturers such as etiquette expert Emily Post and renowned philosopher-historian Will Durant; even FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Tucked away near the end of the program was a name few knew initially, but one everyone would be talking about by the convention's end: Reverend James W. Fifield Jr. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Monday, April 27 [8:30]
*DN | Nobel Laureates Call on "Militaristic" United States to Renew Pledge to Protect Human Rights (04/27/15) [10:56]
DN | Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Launches Campaign to Stop Killer Robots After Winning Ban on Landmines (04/27/15) [12:45]
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart | Oklahoma suffers a bizarre surge in earthquakes following a rise in fracking, and the NSA gets an unlikely new mascot. (04/23/15) [8:55]
More World News
*Nepal earthquake kills over 1,500 people (04/25/15) [3:00]
RT | The Armenian tragedy (04/26/15) [51:57]
RT | Shattered Dreams: Newburgh a city in decline in NY State (04/26/15) [3:13]
TRNN | Paul Jay says the elites are incapable of making cities safe, dealing with chronic poverty and unemployment, facing up to economic stagnation and climate change - their only answer is war (04/27/15) [4:21]
TRNN | Prof. John Weeks and Prof. John Grahi: UK Elections: The Pendulum Shifts Left (04/27/15) [15:24]
TYT | Obama Moves Forward With TPP Despite Democratic Objections (04/24/15) [10:41]
*RT | CrossTalk: Sanction Wars (04/27/15) [24:04]
RT | Keiser Report: Age of False Prophets (E749) (04/25/15) [23:47]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
Wall Street banks (the "Banksters") have been playing the "flaming bag of poo" trick for years
Like the pranksters, Wall Street banks (the "Banksters") have been playing the "flaming bag of poo" trick for years. Here is their recipe:

  1. Hulking, steaming pile of doo-doo: stocks, bonds, commodities, mortgages, debt of any kind (credit card, auto, consumer), insurance, etc...
  2. Put stool in a fragile container: AAA-rated derivatives, structured investment vehicles, "reform" legislation (deregulation, repeal of Glass-Steagall, CFMA of 2000, next up "c**p and Trade"), modern accounting practices, lack of regulatory enforcement, etc...
  3. Place the fragile container on a neighbor's doorstep: use hard-sell tactics and conduct predatory lending to everyone and anyone who will buy the bag-o-guano and are happy to even pay the Banksters a fee for the privilege.
  4. Set the fire: hype the media and initiate irrational exuberance (i.e.; dot-com bubble, housing bubble, oil/gold speculation).
  5. Ring the Doorbell: entice the American investor to jump on the bandwagon of prosperity.
  6. Run like Hades: short sell, dump overvalued assets, trade on inside information, utilize credit default swaps, etc...
  7. Watch the panic: witness the crash, recession, unemployment and now a depression - due to Wall Street's biggest and stinkiest "flaming bag of poo" produced by the housing crisis.
  8. Leave the scene: collect a pocketful of cash made before, during and after the poo is removed (commissions, trading profits, bonuses, bailouts, TARP, foreclosure, prepackaged bankruptcy, distressed asset sales, government funded Chapter 11, etc...).
  9. Continue to exact their childish mischief on other gullible targets: start over and move on to the next scheme ("c**p and Trade") before the American public realizes what hit them.

In a nutshell, the Wall Street banking system is nothing more than a spastic, hyperactive colon spewing out huge amounts of manure for unsuspecting American investors to step in. It gives new meaning to the term "Pump and DUMP."

Friday April 24, 2015
News Articles

100 Years Ago, 1.5 Million Christian Armenians Were Systematically Killed. Today, It's Still Not A 'Genocide'
HP | author | 04/24/15

On April 24, 1915, Ottoman Turkish authorities hauled off Daniel Varoujan, a leading Armenian poet of the time, along with over 200 other intellectuals in the capital Constantinople. To the crumbling Ottoman Empire, the poets, painters, writers, booksellers and politicians at the beating heart of the Armenian community posed too much of a threat.

Soon, much of the empire's Christian Armenian population would be targeted and nearly wiped out, accused of conspiring against the empire with the Russians. Many Armenians say the genocide was collective punishment for the actions of a few. ... Read more

Rubio Favorite in $heldon $weep$take$
HP | Alex Isenstadt | 04/23/15

Before Iowa and New Hampshire, GOP candidates are competing in the Sheldon Adelson primary, and some will travel to his posh Venetian hotel in Las Vegas this weekend in hopes of winning it. But one candidate -- Marco Rubio -- has emerged as the clear front-runner, according to nearly a half-dozen sources close to the multibillionaire casino mogul.

In recent weeks, Adelson, who spent $100 million on the 2012 campaign and could easily match that figure in 2016, has told friends that he views the Florida senator, whose hawkish defense views and unwavering support for Israel align with his own, as a fresh face who is "the future of the Republican Party." He has also said that Rubio's Cuban heritage and youth would give the party a strong opportunity to expand its brand and win the White House. ... Read more or Politico

Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA's War on Terror
magazine | author | date

Long before the waterboarding controversy exploded in the media, one CIA agent had already gone public. In a groundbreaking 2007 interview with ABC News, John Kiriakou defined waterboarding as torture--but still admitted that it probably was effective. This book, at once a confessional, an adventure story, and a chronicle of Kiriakou's life in the CIA, stands as an important, eloquent piece of testimony from a committed American patriot. Kiriakou takes us into the fight against an enemy fueled by fanaticism, chillingly recounting what it was like inside the CIA headquarters on the morning of 9/11, the agency leaders who stepped up and those who protected their careers, and, in what may be the book's most shocking revelation, how the White House made plans to invade Iraq a full year before the CIA knew about it--or could attempt to stop it. Kindle $10:99 ... Read more

Why Nav Sarao Had To Be Destroyed: He Found A Way To Beat The HFTs At Their Own Game
ZeroHedge | author | 04/24/15

Today, we find precisely how and why Sarao was singled out: he not only ratted out the parasitic trading strategies of the real culprits behind the broken market, the massive HFT firms (such as Virtu which just went public just a day before the Sarao charges were filed) which gave the "regulators" no choice: one of them had to be put away for good, but found a way to capitalize on the algos' stupidity, and actually make money by beating them at their own game. As such, regulators and exchanges such as the CFTC and CME had no choice but arrest him and prevent him from trading ever again! ... Read more

"I'm Not Crazy, I'm Scared" - Why For One Trader, This Time It Is Different
ZeroHedge | author | 04/24/15

Over the course of this week we have heard Larry Fink of Blackrock talking about the severe risks of investing in Europe; Bill Gross of Janus saying German bonds are the short trader's dream; Pimco warning that markets have not addressed the potential of a Fed tightening; the incoming CEO of Allianz, that TWO trillion dollar asset manager, saying, "We see generally meager growth prospects, political dangers and risks of a stock market crash." Even Abby Cohen thinks it is a stock pickers world, not a buy anything and kick back world. And yet, the market didn't even blink.

Over the last three days, we have reported that some of the most important investment voices in the world are more than a little scared about the ravenous appetite for risk playing out in the market, and the fact that they have been ignored is beyond unnerving. Central banks are driving all investment decisions, and what this implies is that they are in this trade so deeply that there is no obvious or practical exit. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Friday, April 24 [7:28]
*DN | A People Expunged: Marking the 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide amid Ongoing Turkish Denials (01/24/15) [19:38]
*DN | How Many More? 116 Environmental Defenders Were Murdered Last Year, Mostly in Latin America (04/23/15) [9:38]
"The Lone Gladio" Reviewed
"The Lone Gladio" Reviewed (09/19/24) [23:16]
TRNN | How a Protest Against Money in Politics was Spun as a Story on Terrorism (04/24/15) [2:55]
TRNN | Larry Wilkerson: 2016 Presidential Candidates Test the Waters in New Hampshire (04/24/15) [9:45]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
*ThomHartmann | Time for the Sheldon Adelson Primary... (04/23/15) [2:39]
ThomHartmann | Jail for Educators, Only Fines for Banksters! (04/23/15) [3:23]
*ThomHartmann | Brunch With Bernie (04/23/15) [44:47]
RT | CrossTalk: The Kiev Regime (04/24/15) [24:46]
RT | Keiser Report: Power of alternative media (E748) (04/23/15) [23:34]
Other Videos and Documentaries I Ran Across

Thursday April 23, 2015
News Articles

Sex, Drugs, and Dead Soldiers: What U.S. Africa Command Doesn't Want You to Know
AlterNet | Nick Turse / TomDispatch | 04/21/15

Six people lay lifeless in the filthy brown water. It was 5:09 a.m. when their Toyota Land Cruiser plunged off a bridge in the West African country of Mali. For about two seconds, the SUV sailed through the air, pirouetting 180 degrees as it plunged 70 feet, crashing into the Niger River.

Three of the dead were American commandos. The driver, a captain nicknamed "Whiskey Dan," was the leader of a shadowy team of operatives never profiled in the media and rarely mentioned even in government publications. One of the passengers was from an even more secretive unit whose work is often integral to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which conducts clandestine kill-and-capture missions overseas. Three of the others weren't military personnel at all or even Americans. They were Moroccan women alternately described as barmaids or "prostitutes." ... Read more

Forget "Grexit", "Grimbo" Has Arrived
ZeroHedge | author | 04/23/15

If you didn't know any better you might think "Grimbo" was a new Sesame Street character. Far from being the name of something that brings smiles to the faces of young children however, it's actually the latest one-word take on the likely outcome of Greece's protracted, painful negotiations with creditors, which will continue tomorrow in Riga where progress is, according to pretty much everyone that will be involved, unlikely. The new term follows in the footsteps of the classic (but now tired) "Grexit" and its underrated predecessor "Graccident," and refers to two of the four outcomes Citi imagines are possible in the unfolding Greek drama. Here, via Citi, are the scenarios that would constitute Grimbo: ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in

World Bank & IMF - Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs)
World Health Org - who.int | author | policy

See next column: TRNN | Alnoor Ladha: Investigative Report Finds World Bank Displaced 3.4 Million People, Part 1 (04/23/15) [9:50]

Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) are economic policies for developing countries that have been promoted by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the early 1980s by the provision of loans conditional on the adoption of such policies. Structural adjustment loans are loans made by the World Bank. They are designed to encourage the structural adjustment of an economy by, for example, removing "excess" government controls and promoting market competition as part of the neo-liberal agenda followed by the Bank. The Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility is an IMF financing mechanism to support of macroeconomic policies and SAPs in low-income countries through loans or low interest subsidies. ... Read more

World Bank & IMF - Structural adjustment programs (SAPs) Wikipedia
Beyond Borders: Thinking Critically About Global Issues By Paula S. Rothenberg (Google books)
IMF and World Bank Structural Adjustment Programs and Poverty.pdf
    More News
  1. Clinton charities will refile tax returns, audit for other errors (Reuters)
  2. China Warns North Korean Nuclear Threat Is Rising (WSJ), or another country realizes war is the only "exit"
  3. Shares, euro sag after euro zone PMIs disappoint (Reuters))
  4. China Manufacturing Gauge Drops to Lowest Level in 12 Months (BBG))
  5. Deutsche Bank Said to Pay $2.14 Billion in Libor Case (BBG), or roughly a €20,000 per banker "get out of jail" fee
  6. Brazil's Petrobras Reports Nearly $17 Billion in Asset and Corruption Charges (WSJ))
  7. Can This Oil Baron's Company Withstand Another Quake? (BBG))
  8. Bad for Q1 GDP: Raytheon sales fall amid weak U.S. defense spending (Reuters))
Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Thursday, April 23 [12:42]
*DN | U.S.-Backed Saudi War in Yemen Continues as Aid Groups Describe "Catastrophic" Humanitarian Crisis (01/23/15) [11:24]
DN | "Running While Black": Protests Swell over Death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore Police Custody (01/23/15) [15:25]
Jon Stewart - Daily Show
Jon Stewart | The Difference Between Atlanta Cheating and Wall Street Scandals Is Who Got Punished (04/23/15) [7:28]
*TRNN | John Kiriakou: Why Didn't Bush/Cheney Prevent 9/11? Part 5 (04/23/15) [20:59]
*TRNN | Alnoor Ladha: Investigative Report Finds World Bank Displaced 3.4 Million People, Part 1 (04/23/15) [9:50]
TRNN | Janet Redman of the Institute for Policy Studies and Steve Horn of DeSmogblog.org unpack: President Obama Makes Earth Day Proclamation in the Everglades (04/23/15) [19:17]
TYT | Nestlé Caught Stealing Water From California's National Forests (04/22/15) [7:07]
TYT | Oklahoma Officially Blames Fracking For Earthquakes (04/22/15) [5:06]
TYT | Boat Full Of Migrants Capsizes In Mediterranean Sea Killing Hundreds (04/22/15) [8:44]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/

Wednesday April 22, 2015
News Articles

Homeless | Tent Cities | Welfare?
RT | Tent City: Making a career out of homelessness (07/08/14) [52:18]

Behold The Patsy: First Photograph Emerges Of The "Criminal Mastermind" Reponsible For The Flash Crash
ZeroHedge | author | 04/22/15

... The reason, of course, is that according to the "regulator" the gullible investing public is expected to believe that one single person, operating out of a non-collocated, latency fortress in Hounslow (despite allegedly making $40 million over 5 years from spoofing) is responsible for the May 2010 flash crash. ...

... So with the Sarao "flash crash" mystery solved, we eagerly look forward to the CFTC exposing the daytrading teenager operating out of a hut in Thailand who was responsible for the October 15, 2014 Treasury flash crash, followed promptly by the Russian grandma in Vladivostok whose trigger happy FXat finger resulted to the US Dollar flash crash from March 18.

Because clearly without "confidence" that the market is fixed, no self-respecting retail investor will buy everything that hedge funds, prop desks, and ultimately central banks are so desperate to sell at these all time high prices. ... Read more
60 Minutes | Wall Street: The Speed Traders (older, but good) [13:35]

The Richest 0.01 Percent of Americans Gave 42 Percent of Political Donations in 2012.

What Does Gun Violence in America Really Cost?
MotherJones | Mark Follman | May/June Issue

... The air bag against her was stifling, the inside of the cab hot. She managed to call 911. "Where are you shot on your body?" the dispatcher asked. "I don't know, I cannot move. I can't breathe anymore. Somebody help me," she pleaded. "I'm dying." ... Read more
Click picture to zoom in
What Does Gun Violence in America Really Cost? (04/15/15) [1:59]

The Chamber Of Commerce Is Fighting Fiercely To Stop The Scourge Of Corporate Transparency
HP | Paul Blumenthal | 04/22/15

This spring, shareholders in more than 100 companies will introduce resolutions calling for greater disclosure of corporations' political and lobbying activity. Six major companies -- Dean Foods, Eastman Chemical, H&R Block, Marathon Oil, U.S. Steel and Valero Energy -- have already reached agreement with New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who oversees the third largest pension fund in the nation, to adopt political spending disclosure policies in exchange for the comptroller's office withdrawing its resolutions.

But don't consider that a sign that corporate America is learning to live with transparency. Over the past two years, three of the usual suspects -- the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the National Association of Manufacturers -- have joined together to try to discredit the purpose of disclosure policies and the advocates calling for them. ... Read more

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, April 22 [11:55]
*DN | "It Was Worth Risking My Life, My Freedom": Campaign Reform Activist on Flying Gyrocopter to Capitol (01/22/15) [16:49]
DN | Kenyan Mother Wins Goldman Prize for Anti-Lead Protest After Her Own Breast Milk Made Baby Sick (01/22/15) [10:25]
Middle East
*CBS | Breaking down conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites (04/05/15) [4:39]
RT | Crimea For Dummies (03/22/15) [26:11]
John Oliver
HBO | John Oliver: Patent Trolls (04/19/15) [11:03]
HBO | John Oliver: Doomsday Video (04/19/15) [6:29]
TRNN | Petra Tschakert: UN Target of 2 Degree Limit for Temperature Rise 'Utterly Inadequate' (04/22/15) [17:25]
TYT | Ted Cruz Attacks John McCain, Then Apologizes (04/21/15) [4:46]
TRNN | Paul Paz y Mino: Chevron Paying Damages for Dumping Toxic Waste in the Amazon Waterways (04/22/15) [14:47]
*RT | CrossTalk: Destroying Yemen (04/22/15) [23:53]
RT | Keiser Report: Gyrocopters & Glitter Bombs (E746) (04/21/15) [23:54]
Thom Hartmann - www.thomhartmann.com/
How FDR Warned us Against Corporate Fascism... (04/21/15) [9:03], Part 2 [6:26], Part 3 [4:52]

Note: for more news, and archived news go to:
http://occupybanksters.com/news/ menu.

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